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A student's personal details are recorded as those given on the CAO application or direct entry application form at the point of admission to Trinity College Dublin.

A student’s name and/or gender may be changed upon presentation of official documentation, such as a passport, birth certificate, marriage certificate, certificate of name-change by deed poll, or other documentation deemed acceptable by the Academic Registry.

In the absence of such official documents, a student's name or gender can be changed by completing a self-declaration form which must be co-signed by the student’s tutor on the express condition that official documentation will be submitted to the College should it become available during the overall registration period of the student.
Relevant forms and further procedures are available from within this webpage.

A student’s name and/or gender may not be changed later than the end of the Hilary term, before graduation.

A student may apply to have their name, gender, date of birth or nationality changed or corrected by completing the Change of Personal Details Form. This form should be completed by the student and presented in person to the Academic Registry Service Desk with supporting documentation for approval.

Students who wish to change their name to Irish, and who do not hold official I.D or documentation stating their name in Irish, will be required to complete the ‘Change/Correction to Student Personal Details’ form, and to submit this to the Academic Registry. This request will be sent to the Irish Language Officer, who will confirm the name change.