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Your assessment timetables will be published on the My Exams tab in the portal at least four weeks prior to assessments taking place. No notice is required of intention to take an assessment in the course for which students have registered.

Further assessment details (e.g: practicals, orals, vivas, etc.) may be obtained from your School, Discipline or Course Office.

Have any questions about in-person exams at RDS Simmonscourt? Watch our video which will take you through what to expect in the RDS:

Should you need to access the Semester 1 exam timetables please click below:


Semester 1 Exam FAQs

The following information has been confirmed for Semester 1 exams. Please be advised this information is subject to change:

Semester 1 Exam Results

Provisional results will be released to students on a phased basis by Faculty as follows:



Health Sciences Programmes

Tuesday, January 25, 2022 from 10:00am

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Programmes

Wednesday, January 26, 2022 from 10:00am

Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, & Multi-Faculty Programmes

Thursday, January 27, 2022 from 10:00am

You will be able to access your provisional results as follows:

  1. In-tray Message on your Home Page of the portal – access your home page by logging into the portal
  2. Trinity Live App (available on both iOS and Android for download)     
  3. ‘My Results’ tab on the portal
  • Log into the portal
  • Click the ‘My Results’ tab at the top of the home page – this will display your provisional Semester 1 module results


Please see below, some useful information on the release of these provisional results.

  • Provisional results will be released for modules that have been completely assessed in Semester 1, i.e., teaching and all assessments completed in Semester 1.
  • Provisional results will not be released at this time for modules taught over both semesters or in Semester 2 only
  • You have a right to discuss your examination and assessment performance with the appropriate members of staff. When discussing your performance, you are entitled to view your scripts and other assessments.
  • Request for rechecks and/or remark of examination scripts or other assessed work will only be considered following the publication of the final results by the Court of Examiners in Trinity Term 2022.
  • Failed modules will be reassessed in the August 2022 reassessment week.
  • Deferred Semester 1 modules will be assessed in February 2022.
  • The timetable for the Deferred Semester 1 assessments will be released in the week of 24 January.
  • No decision about progression to the next academic year can be made based on provisional results.
  • If you have a query in relation to the provisional results released, please contact your School or Course office in the first instance.

What do I do if Covid-19 impacts my exams/I get Covid-19 or am a close contact?

  • If I am affected by Covid what do I do? If you a) contract Covid or b) display symptoms or c) are a close contact, you must not attend an in-person exam or sit an online exam on campus It is also possible that d) if you fall ill with something else, you may not be able to sit an online examination in a private setting. Further details on each scenario are outlined in the questions below.  
  • I have tested positive for Covid, what should I do? If you test positive for Covid, you must not attend an in-person exam or online exam on campus and must contact either your Tutor (UG) or Course Director (PG) as soon as possible. Within three days of the scheduled examination, you must provide a copy/screen shot of the text message confirming the positive PCR covid result from the HSE ensuring that the date is displayed.
  • I have symptoms of Covid but have not had my diagnosis confirmed, what should I do? If you have symptoms consistent with Covid but cannot access a PCR test, you must not attend an in-person exam or online exam on campus and must contact your Tutor (UG) or Course Director (PG) immediately, and prior to the starting time of the examination. Retrospective evidence of having taken or scheduled a PCR test must be submitted within three days of the scheduled examination. If you have been unable to take or schedule a PCR test, you must submit a screenshot showing that no slots were available within three days of the examination.
  • I am a close contact of someone with Covid, what should I do? If you are a household close contact of a confirmed Covid case, even when you are fully vaccinated and showing no symptoms, you must restrict your movements until you have 3 negative antigen test results within 5 days. You must not attend an in-person exam or online exam on campus. Contact your Tutor (UG) or Course Director (PG) on the first day to inform them of the household member’s positive result, providing them with a copy/screen shot of the text message confirming the positive PCR covid result from the HSE to the household member or the text message to you confirming you as a close contact. Make sure that the date is displayed.
  • I do not have Covid but am ill, can I sit my exams? If you cannot attend for other health reasons, you must contact either your Tutor (UG) or Course Director (PG) as soon as possible and provide documentation within three days of the scheduled examination.

Information for Before your Exams

  • How do I know where I'm sitting my exams? Your exam venue is detailed in your exam timetable in the My Exams tab of your portal and is either Trinity campus, RDS or online. Especially important in this information is the seat number for each of your exams.
  • I cannot see my timetable in my, how can I find out about my exams? Please see the Academic Registry website here. If you are registered with the Disability Service for Exam accommodations please contact to confirm the details of your exam.    
  • Is there automatic right to a deferral? There is no automatic right to a deferral. All requests for deferral will require supporting evidence. Final decisions on the nature of documentation required and the processes to manage requests for deferral are currently being reviewed and will be shared as soon as possible.
  • When is the next deferral session? Most examinations which are deferred from the Semester 1 session will take place from 7th – 19th February 2022, with contingency dates of 21st – 26th February 2022. In scheduling the deferred examinations in late afternoons, evenings or weekends within this period, consideration will be given to other factors such as existing teaching or lecture requirements, to minimise the impact on students and staff whenever possible.
  • What if I fail my deferred exam? If you require a subsequent deferral from the February session or if you fail your deferred examination in February, the next available session in which you may sit it is the reassessment session in the autumn. Failed examinations taken in December or January will also be retaken in the autumn reassessment session.
  • What if I cannot submit my Continuous Assessment assignments? If you cannot submit continuous assessment assignments for Covid-related or other reasons (e.g., medical or ad misericordiam), you should contact your Tutor (UG) or Course Director (PG) to agree a revised submission date.

Attending In-Person Exams

  • Is the RDS safe? Yes. There is sufficient ventilation and this year the capacity is reduced to 60% to ensure greater spacing between tables in line with government guidelines. Exams are limited to two per day  and all desks are cleaned between exam sittings. Access to the exam hall will be set up so as to prevent excessive congregation and your personal belongings will be stored in a bag below your desk. All students, invigilators and tutors will be advised to abide by Covid safe guidelines.
  • Is parking available at my exam venue?
    • Parking is available at RDS Simmonscourt, and can be paid for on the day
    • No on campus parking will be available
  • What happens when I arrive at my exam?
    • The venue will be open 30 minutes before the exam begins
    • Proceed straight to exam hall
    • Take your seat – you should know your seat number in advance, it is available in your timetable on the portal for each exam
    • Place all your belongings into the bag provided, seal it and place it under your seat
  • Is there a cloakroom facility in RDS Simmonscourt? No - all students will be asked to bring their belongings to their exam desk and will provided with a bag in which they can securely store their belongings for the duration of their exam. Once the bag is sealed it can only be opened outside the exam venue.
  • What do you need for your exam?
    • A valid Trinity student card
    • Essential stationery and a calculator if permitted for your exam
    • Nothing else is permitted to be on your desk and restricted items will be removed
  • What happens if I feel ill or need to use the bathroom during an exam? Students must raise their hand and alert an invigilator - do not leave your desk without their permission.
  • What do I once I have completed my exam?
    • If you have completed your exam before the allotted time you will need to raise your hand to alert an invigilator
    • When leaving the exam venue bring your sealed bag of belonging with you – you are not permitted to open this bag in the venue
    • All students will be asked not to congregate with other students and are expected to leave the exam venue promptly

Campus Exam Venues



1A Goldsmith Hall, Room 1A
2A Goldsmith Hall, Room 2A
AP various numbers Arás an Phiarsaigh
AB, RM various numbers

Arts Building

BIOLAB 1 Panoz Institute
DOLT0.32 D'Olier Street
DRAWING OFFICE; M17; M4 Museum Building
EE.PC LAB 1/2/3 Panoz Institute
EXAM HALL Examination Hall
GENETICS Smurfit Institute
GEOLOGY Museum Building
GMB Graduates Memorial Building
GOLDHALL Goldsmith Hall

Hamilton Building

ICT LAB 2 Computer Science PC Lab
RDS Main Hall



Sports Centre

TCL2: TRINITY CENTRAL TRINITY CENTRAL these rooms are prefixed with TCL e.g. TCL2. It is the entrance next to Tesco Express

Foundation Scholarship Exam Timetable

The timetable for the 2022 Foundation Scholarship exams can be found here.