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Before your exams

Is parking available at my exam venue?

Parking is available at the RDS Main Hall, and can be paid for on the day for €10. No on campus parking will be available.

What do I need for my exam?

  • A valid Trinity student card.
  • Essential stationery and a calculator if permitted for your exam.
  • Nothing else is permitted to be on your desk, and restricted items will be removed.

What happens if I feel ill before an exam?

  • Contact your tutor, or the Senior Tutor if you feel too ill to take the exam. You can find your tutor's details under the My Records section of your portal. Do not sit the exam if you are unwell.
  • Contact a medical professional if
  • If you defer an exam from the Semester two session, you must sit the supplemental exam session in late August.

When will exam timetables be published?

An email will be circulated to all students advising when the annual examination timetables are available.

Exam timetables are also available on the portal and on the Exams page of the Academic Registry website.

I need to book a flight for the end of May – can you tell me approximately when my exams will be?

Unfortunately, no. Students should ensure that they are available for examinations for the duration of the relevant examination session.

Dates for exam sessions can be found on our calendar here.

I am registered with the Disability Service – how do I find out my examination timetable details?

All students will receive an email from the Academic Registry advising when the timetables are available.

You should check the timetables for the dates and start times of your examinations. Separate timetables will be published on the Academic Registry website with specific timetable details, to include your revised location and end time, where required.

The Disability Office will send an e-mail advising that the timetables are available.

Do I need to register or pay a fee for the Supplemental Examinations?

No, you do not need to register or pay a fee for the Supplemental Examinations.

Your School or Course Office will forward the details to the Examinations Team at the Academic Registry.

I am currently off-books with permission to sit examinations at the next annual examination session. Do I need to register for my examinations?

Students with permission from the Senior Lecturer to go off books for an academic year and sit examinations in that year must pay an examination fee of €382.

This fee will be raised in advance of the examination – you will not be prevented from sitting the examination if this fee has not yet been paid however you will not be able to receive your results until this is processed.

Off-books students with permission to take examinations are advised to consult with their school, department or course office before the end of Michaelmas term to confirm their examination and/or assessment requirements while off-books.

During your exams

Is there a cloakroom facility at my exam venue?

No. Students will be provided with a compostable bag in which they can securely store their belongings for the duration of the exam. Once the bag is sealed, it must only be opened outside the exam venue once the exam is over.

What happens when I arrive at my exam?

  • The RDS Main Hall will open 30 minutes before the exam begins. Campus exam rooms will open 15 minutes before the exam begins.
  • Take your seat. Your seat number is available on your timetable on the portal for each exam. If you cannot remember your seat number, ask the attendant at the helpdesk in either the foyer of the RDS Main Hall, or if on campus, at one of the three helpdesks located in the Arts Building, Tangent (first floor of Trinity Business School), or at the Academic Registry.
  • If your exam is in RDS Main Hall, place all your belongings into the bag provided, seal it and place it under your seat. If your exam is on campus, leave your belongings in the area indicated by the invigilators. You must not have your phone on you for the duration of the exam. If a phone is found on your person, it will be confiscated and you will be charged €35.
  • Remain silent from the moment you enter the exam hall until the moment you leave. Please be respectful of other students who may still be working. Do not congregate immediately outside the exam hall when you have finished your exam, as the noise may distract others.

What happens if I feel ill or need to use the bathroom during an exam?

Raise your hand and alert an invigilator. Do not leave your desk without an invigilator's permission.

What do I do once I have completed my exam?

  • If you have completed your exam before the allotted time, raise your hand to alert an invigilator
  • When leaving the RDS Main Hall, bring your sealed bag of belongings with you – you are not permitted to open this bag in the venue. If your exam is taking place on campus, collect your belongings from the designated area in the exam venue.
  • All students are expected to leave the exam venue promptly.

After your exams

Where can I find information on the Foundation Scholarship process?

All information pertaining to the Foundation Scholarship process is available here.

When will my annual examination results be published?

Annual Examination results will be published during May and June. Your results are published to the portal by your course office, please contact them for specific dates.

Provisional semester 1 exam results will be published to your portal in January. These results are provisional and not confirmed until your semester 2 exam results are published.

I lost an item during my in-person exam. Is there a lost and found?

There is a lost and found in our service desk in the Watts Building. Our staff can help you and check if your item was handed into our lost and found.

I was awarded the (XXX) prize this year. When will I receive my cheque?

Monetary prizes are paid directly into a student’s bank account. Please ensure that the Capture Bank Details option in your portal has been completed. This will allow the Academic Registry to facilitate payment of the prize as soon as possible.