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Foundation and Non-Foundation Scholarship


Students in their Senior Freshman year are eligible to take the Foundation Scholarship examinations. In exceptional circumstances students may defer them to the following year. 

Please consult your course handbook and the College Calendar for further details. Please also see the Frequently asked questions.

A Foundation or Non-Foundation scholarship is tenured for five years, during which time the Scholar is entitled to free Trinity accommodation, their evening meal free of charge at Commons, a waiver of their tuition fees or student contribution (non-EU students’ fees are reduced by the value of EU fees) and a small annual stipend. Scholars are also entitled to use the post-nominal letters “sch.” after their name. This scholarship is a very prestigious and substantial award given to approximately 60 students each year.

Many Schools and Disciplines hold meetings to inform prospective candidates about the examinations. 

The Scholars themselves are also an excellent source of encouragement and advice and further information can be found on their website and video.  They will also be holding an information night on Wednesday 27th September 2023 from 7pm in the Edmund Burke Lecture Theatre (Arts Building).

Key Dates

Candidates intending to present for these examinations must complete an online application form. This form should be submitted by the applicant and not by another party. A confirmation email will be sent via an intray message on their portal which may take up to 24 hours.

  • 2 October 2023 at 9.00 am - 16 October 2023 at 5.00 pm - submission of online applications
  • 13 November 2023 at 9.00 am - 20 November 2023 at 5.00 pm - submission of online confirmation of attendance forms
  • 8 January 2024 - 12 January 2024 - Foundation Scholarship examinations (Please note it may be necessary to schedule some examinations in the preceding week.)
  • 22 April 2024Trinity Monday, 10.00 am - announcement of Election to Scholarship 2024


Foundation Scholarship Application

The link to the 2024 Foundation Scholarship Application form will become available at 9.00 am on 2 October 2023. This form should be submitted by the applicant and not by another party. A confirmation email will be sent via an intray message on their portal. This confirmation email may take up to one working day to receive.

Please note only online application forms will be accepted.

Candidates who intend to sit the Foundation Scholarship examinations must also complete the confirmation of attendance form below.

Confirmation of Attendance

Foundation Scholarship Confirmation of Attendance

2024 Foundation Scholarship Confirmation of Attendance forms must be submitted between 9.00 am on Monday 13 November and 5.00 pm on Monday 20 November 2023.

This form must be submitted only by those candidates who have already applied for the Foundation Scholarship examinations. Please note if you do not submit this form by the deadline, you will not be scheduled for the Foundation Scholarship examinations and will not be permitted to take the examinations.

Please note only online confirmation of attendance forms will be accepted.

This form should be submitted by the applicant and not by another party. A confirmation email will be sent via an intray message on their portal which may take up to 24 hours.

Exam Timetable

The timetable for the 2024 Foundation Scholarship exams will be available via

Intermission of Scholarship

Application should be made in writing to the Senior Lecturer of the College unless the applicant is a registered postgraduate student of the College, in which case application is made to the Dean of Graduate Studies. Intermission of tenure must be approved by the Board of the College.


Entitlements for Scholars

As a Scholar of Trinity College, you may receive the following entitlements for the duration of your Scholarship:

  • Tuition fees paid, including the Registration Fee*
  • Commons free of Charge
  • College Rooms free of charge (except for deposit and utilities fee)
  • Annual salary of €253.95
*Undergraduate scholars from non-EU countries shall have their fees reduced by an amount corresponding to the appropriate fee level of an EU fee-paying student.


Scholars are entitled to Commons for the duration of their scholarship, details of which can be read through on the commons information page.


Scholars are entitled to rooms for up to nine months of the year, typically from early October to June. Arrangements are made to accommodate those students who need to take up rooms early in the year (e.g. dental and medical students), and Scholars remain in rooms until after their last exam in June. Scholars do pay the energy/utilities charges during the year.


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