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2018/19 Foundation Scholarship Examination Requirements

Each course of study is required to provide a statement explaining how their examination requirements succeed in identifying the qualities associated with Scholarship. The following details have been provided by School and Course offices and are centrally available for all intending Scholarship candidates and for the Foundation Scholarship - Central Scholarship Commitee.

Please note where the official requirements for a particular course of study are not included below, a link to the Scholarship information contained on a School/ Course Office's local webpage will act as a temporary placeholder until the official document has been provided.

Please contact your School, Discipline or Course Office directly for further details of all Foundation Scholarship examination requirements.

Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

Ancient and Medieval History and Culture (PDF)

Business Studies (PDF)
Business Studies and a Language (PDF)
Catholic Theological Studies (PDF)
Classics (PDF)
Clinical Speech and Language Studies (PDF)
Computer Science and Language (PDF)
Deaf Studies (PDF)
Drama and Theatre Studies (PDF)
Early and Modern Irish (PDF)
Economic and Social Studies (PDF)
English Studies (PDF)
European Studies (PDF)
History (PDF)
History and Political Science (PDF)
Irish Studies (PDF)
Law (PDF)
Law and Business (PDF)
Law and French (PDF)
Law and German (PDF)
Law and Political Science (PDF)
Middle Eastern and European Languages and Cultures (PDF)
Music (PDF)
Music Education (PDF)
Philosophy (PDF)
Philosophy, Political Science, Economics and Sociology (PDF)
Political Science and Geography (PDF)
Psychology (PDF)
Social Studies (PDF)
Sociology and Social Policy (PDF)
World Religions and Theology (PDF)
Faculty of Engineering, Mathematics and Science
Computer Science and Business (PDF)
Chemistry with Molecular Modelling (PDF)
Computer Science (Integrated) (PDF)
Earth Sciences (PDF)
Engineering (Integrated) (PDF)
Engineering with Management (Integrated) (PDF)
Human Genetics (PDF)
Information Systems BSc (PDF)
Management Science and Information Systems Studies (PDF)
Mathematics (PDF)
Medicinal Chemistry (PDF)
Nanoscience, Physics and Chemistry of Advanced Materials (PDF)
Science (PDF)
Theoretical Physics (PDF)
Faculty of Health Sciences
Children's and General Nursing (PDF)
Dental Science (PDF)
Human Health and Disease (PDF)
Human Nutrition and Dietetics (PDF)
Medicine (PDF)
Midwifery (PDF)
Nursing Studies (PDF)
Occupational Therapy (PDF)
Pharmacy (PDF)
Physiotherapy (PDF)
Radiation Therapy (PDF)
TSM Ancient History and Archaeology (PDF)
TSM Catholic Theological Studies (PDF)
TSM Classical Civilisation (PDF)
TSM Drama Studies (PDF)
TSM Early Irish (PDF)
TSM Economics (PDF)
TSM English Literature (PDF)
TSM Film Studies (PDF)
TSM French (PDF)
TSM Geography (PDF)
TSM German (PDF)
TSM Greek A/B (PDF)
TSM History (PDF)
TSM History of Art and Architecture
TSM Italian (PDF)
TSM Jewish and Islamic Civilisations (PDF)
TSM Latin A/B (PDF)
TSM Mathematics (PDF)
TSM Modern Irish (PDF)
TSM Music (PDF)
TSM Philosophy (PDF)
TSM Psychology (PDF)
TSM Russian (PDF)
TSM Sociology (PDF)
TSM Spanish (PDF)
TSM World Religions and Theology (PDF)