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At the end of your first and second year at Trinity, you will be asked to choose which type of degree you wish to be awarded and what options you want to take along the way. This is known as your Trinity Pathway and you can make your pathway choices online in your portal.

If you wish to check your eligibility to take a New Minor Subject a detailed description of this process is available here.

Choosing your Trinity Pathway in Junior or Senior Fresh

  • To select your Pathway: Log on to using your college username and password. Go to the "My Programme" tab. Click on the "Click here to select your programme" link to select your Pathway.
  • Students on Single Honours courses can select a New Minor Subject at the end of Junior Fresh year, during Pathway Selection.
  • Pathway Selection for 2024/25 for Junior Fresh and Senior Fresh students will open at 2pm on 13 March 2024 and will close at midnight 27 March.

For further information on your pathway please see the dedicated webpages:

Off books

If you are off books but have completed assessments this year you will be invited to make pathway selections at the same time as the other students.

If you are off books without any assessments this year and are returning to college, please contact your School or course office. They will then contact Academic Registry on your behalf to get your status and pathway updated.

Reassessment exams

Students taking reassessments should log into and make your programme pathway selections when pathway selection opens. This programme pathway selection will be stored and you will be enrolled onto the pathway you have chosen when the reassessment results have been published.

Here are a few terms you'll come across

New Minor Subject

A new subject you can choose to take up in your second year.


The different classes that make up your course.

ECTS Credits

Each Module is worth either 5 or 10 credits and you must take 60 credits in a year.

Trinity Electives

Stand-alone modules that are completely outside of your programme, worth 5 credits.

Open Modules

Modules that are run as part of, or by another programme, but that are complementary and related to your own programme, worth 5 or 10 credits.

Capstone Project

An independent piece of research that you carry out in your final year, worth 20 credits.