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Accepting your invitation

Undergraduate and Postgraduate Taught students can accept their invitation through their portal inbox.

Postgraduate research students wishing to apply for graduation you must complete an Application for Graduation. A conditional application may be made in advance of the publication of final degree results.

If you are a bachelor of the University of at least three years standing you may obtain a Master in Arts. Candidates must complete an Application for Graduation.

Doctoral students including Taught students must complete an Application for Graduation.

Off books students attending must complete an Application for Graduation.

Diploma and Certifitcate students will receive their invitation to their ceremony from the Academic Registry via your institution email. 

Arriving at your ceremony

On the day of your ceremony, we kindly ask students to arrive 25-30 mins early.

Your ceremony venue is located in the Public Theatre in Front Square. You can watch our direction video here.

Guests should enter through the front entrance of the Public Theatre, and will be directed to their seats by a member of staff.

Please note it is strictly two guests per student.

During your ceremony

Candidates will be formally introduced to our caput (main stage) and the Registrar will plead their case of successful examinations to be officially conferred.

During this time, candidates stand before the caput. They will then be called up in groups of five to six in alphabetical order to receive their parchment.

After all students are conferred, our caput will walk out, followed by our newly graduated students over to the dining hall steps for a photo opportunity followed by a reception of refreshments.

After your ceremony

Once your ceremony has finished, you will walk out of the Public Theatre across Front Square to the steps of the Atrium Building to have your group photo taken.