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Information for staff

Information for Staff

Take a look below for information related to common questions and issues raised by staff members.



How do I get the most up-to-date list of students enrolled on my Trinity Elective?

  • Login to SITS via The option for ‘Student Lists’ should appear in the bar across the top of the page.  When you click on this, you will be brought to a further page where you can access ‘Module Class List’.

What happens if a student wants to change into/out of a Trinity Elective?

  • Please note that change of mind can not normally be facilitated. However, if a student is facing difficulties, which the module co-ordinator cannot resolve, the co-ordinator should contact the Chair of the Trinity Electives Sub-Committee.

There is a discrepancy between the student lists on Blackboard and SITS for my Trinity Elective

  • Student lists for modules can be fluid at the start of each semester.  SITS will carry the most up-to-date list of students for your Trinity Elective.

I can’t access my Trinity Elective module in Blackboard

  • Please ensure that you are assigned to at least one teaching event for your Trinity Elective in CMIS.  This can be checked with the Central Timetabling Unit.
  • If this is not the problem, further information and support is available from IT Services. See

How is the module assessment pattern (MAP) for my module set up in SITS?

  • After the initial set-up of your Trinity Elective, the MAP should be set-up like any other module owned by your School.  Please see information on Module Manager.
  • Annual deadlines for Semester 1 and Semester 2 MAP set-up can be found here:

I can’t input Trinity Elective assessment results into SITS

  • Please contact your School Assessment Manager (normally the School Admin Manager) in the first instance to ensure that you are set up as a marker for the module and that the module is open in SITS to be marked. 
  • If the issue cannot be resolved within your School, please e-mail

At what times can Trinity Elective modules be timetabled?

Trinity Electives have protected hours for timetabling purposes, these are:

  • Tuesday: 9-10 a.m. & 10-11 a.m.
  • Thursday: 4-5 p.m. & 5-6 p.m.
  • Friday: 9-10 a.m.

How many of the designated Trinity Elective hours can I use for my module?

  • Eligible students may only take one Trinity Elective in a semester, therefore, module co-ordinators may use all of the hours indicated above to schedule module activities, e.g., lectures, workshops, tutorials, term-time assessments etc…

Who do I contact to make changes to my Trinity Elective module timetable?

Where can I find a list of Trinity Electives and their module codes?

How do I get a missing Trinity Elective module mark for a student?

  • Please contact the Trinity Elective module co-ordinator directly.

Where do I find the names of Trinity Elective module co-ordinators?

  • The names of the module coordinators are provided in the list of Trinity Electives above and in a pdf at the bottom of each Trinity Elective webpage.

How do I get a new Trinity Elective module approved?

  • Schools wishing to propose a new Trinity Elective should contact for the proposal form. Proposals are evaluated by the Trinity Elective Sub-Committee and, if successful, go forward to the Undergraduate Studies Committee and Council for final approval. Resources to support the development of Trinity Electives are available on the Academic Affairs webpage

Can I suspend or discontinue my Trinity Elective?

  • To ensure stability in the delivery of Trinity Electives, proposals to suspend or cessate a Trinity Elective must be presented to the Trinity Elective Sub-Commiteee (TESC) for consideration. Requests for discontinuation must be supported by the Head of School(s) and the designated form can be submitted to, at least one working week before the TESC meeting scheduled in November of each academic year. Schools wishing to suspend or discontinue a Trinity Elective should contact at the earliest oppurtunity. More information, including the relevent forms, are available on the Academic Affairs webpage