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Why should I take this Trinity Elective?

A global world needs global citizens, individuals who are well-informed about the cultures and societies of regions of the world which until recently have been regarded as only of indirect relevance to European and Western societies. This module examines Western perspectives on the Middle East and North Africa. What are the origins, presuppositions and theoretical foundations of these? Having examined Western perspectives, students are given the opportunity to hear the views of undergraduates in universities throughout MENA region. How do Western interventions and perspectives look from their point of view?

What will I learn?

  • To critically examine Western perspectives on MENA
  • To assess the societal impact of Western interventions, beginning in the 18th century up until the present
  • To conduct meaningful, inclusive and respectful debate within a heterogeneous and international online web learning environment
  • To explore the themes of refugee crises, war and genocide, law and human rights, gender, and national, religious and ethnic identities of the region
  • To investigate and articulate the role which Western interventions have played and might play in the future

What will I do?

  • You will attend lectures as well as student led seminars and online discussions.
  • You will be part of a student-led collaborative research team
  • You will create a podcast reflecting the findings of your research team
  • You will write an 800 word reflective report

How will this be delivered?

The module is delivered through a combination of lectures, seminars, student led research projects, and international webinars giving students the opportunity to converse with undergraduates in a number of universities in the Middle East and North Africa. Emphasis throughout is on student led team research.

How will this be assessed?

  • A student led seminar where each research team “bids” for a specific research topic 10%
  • A multimedia presentations – poster presentation with Q and A session – 20%
  • A student led seminar on the team’s research topic – 20%
  • 1 X 800 word reflective report articulating how your perception of the region has been challenged by your team’s research and engagement with peers in universities in the Middle East

Please note that if there are insufficient numbers to divide students into research teams, assessment will consist of the following:

  • 2 x short response papers (600 words each) 50%
  • 1 x 1000 word Reflective Practice Exercise: 50%

Who can take this Trinity Elective?

  • Any student eligible to take a Trinity Elective can select this except for those in the Middle Eastern and European Languages and Cultures programme.

More Information (PDF 269KB)