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Department of Sociology


Introduction to Sociology

Poor lecture venue (Goldsmith Hall)

All lectures now take place in the Ed Burke Lecture Theatre

European Societies

Poor lecture venue (Regent House)

Lectures moved to new venue

Introduction to Social Research

More examples needed

More examples now used in lectures

Please provide us with the lecture slides

Lecture notes now provided on Blackboard before lectures

More comprehensive reading list needed

Additional readings on the examples discussed in class now provided in the reading list and on Blackboard

Researching Society

Poor lecture room which is often cold

Changed the lecture venue

Difficult to get copies of some of the recommended reading in the library

Main readings for each week now provided on Blackboard to ensure everyone has access to the readings

More time should be spent on regression analysis

Regression analysis is now a more substantial part of tutorials

More details needed for computer labs

For computer labs, very detailed lab notes are now provided with screenshots, as well as slides that are used in the lab to show step by step the procedures and the output.

Unclear what would be required in the exam

More time now spent on exam preparation

Economic Sociology of Europe

Student presentations in seminars take up too much time

This element of the module has now been removed

Popular Culture and Digital Lives

Provide the lecture notes online

We did Lectures materials are now provided online

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