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Joint Honours Political Science

Allows students to study two subjects to degree level with advanced specialisation in one or both subjects depending on their course choices.


What is Joint Honours Political Science?

The attraction of the Joint Honours programme is that it introduces students to two disciplines during their undergraduate studies with students having the choice of four subjects - Geography, History, Law and Social Policy - which complement the study of Political Science.

Course Structure

The pathways available in the Joint Honours Political Science programme are Single Honours, Major with Minor and Joint Honours and students have the opportunity to study the following modules:

First year
Introduction to Political Science, Introduction to Sociology, Introduction to Economics

Second year
History of Political Thought, International Relations, Comparative Politics

Third and fourth years
The following is a list of the modules typically on offer: Research Methods, Irish Politics, Democracy and Development, European Union Politics, Political Institutions of the US, Political Psychology, Political Violence, Political Theory: Contemporary Topics, Issues in Contemporary Politics, Contemporary International Relations, African Politics, Autocracy, Economic Inequality and Democracy.

Is it for me?

Political Science will appeal to students who are excited about exploring the background to current events, the nature and use of power and how decisions are made that impact on wider society. If you are interested in having an in-depth knowledge of public affairs, developing critical and much sought after research skills and if your career interests lie in journalism, public service, teaching, public policy, international organisation and/or business then Political Science may be for you.

The possibilities are boundless – our alumni pages give an indication of some of the careers followed by Political Science graduates.

What are the entry requirements?

Each combination of two subjects has a different CAO course code and entry requirements. Please visit the Study at Trinity website for additional details regarding admissions requirements.