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Jean Monnet Chair in EU Politics and Law 2017-2021

Welcome to the Jean Monnet Chair in EU Politics and Law at Trinity College Dublin.

The Jean Monnet Chair organizes events, research and teaching on topics related to European Union. We hope you will enjoy finding out more about the research, events and teaching activities described below.


Jean Monnet Lectures on the External Relations of the European Union

  • 2018 Katrin Kinzelbach, Global Public Policy Institute, Berlin, on The EU’s Relationship with China.
  • 2019 Chad Damro, Edinburgh University, on Market Power Europe.
  • 2021 Ulrich Krotz, European University Institute, on CSDP Military Missions and Civilian Operations.

Dublin EU Studies Workshops

The Dublin EU Law Working Group, organized together with Dr Stephen Coutts of UCC, has met regularly at Trinity College Dublin, or online, with the support of the Jean Monnet Chair at Trinity College Dublin:

  • 1 March 2019, at Trinity College
  • 13 December 2019, at Trinity College
  • An event planned for 12 March 2020 at Trinity College was cancelled due to COVID-19.
  • 13 November 2020, online
  • 23 April 2021, online
Two other workshops were also supported by the Jean Monnet Chair:
  • Colloquium on EU citizenship and Federalism held on 5 October 2017 on D. Kochenov's new book on EU citizenship.
  • European Studies work in progress workshop 25 May 2018.

International Workshops

Debating the Great Decisions of the European Court of Justice
Thursday 15th April 2021:
Book launch and discussion: Great Judgments of the European Court of Justice: Rethinking the Landmark Decisions of the Foundational Period (Cambridge UP) by William Phelan.
Discussants: Gerard Hogan (Advocate General of the European Court of Justice), Fernanda Nicola (Professor of Law, and historian of EU law, American University Washington College of Law), William Phelan (Associate Professor and Jean Monnet Chair of EU Politics and Law, Trinity College Dublin), Aileen Kavanagh, Panel Chair (Professor of Constitutional Governance, School of Law, Trinity College Dublin).

Judges of the European Court of Justice
Monday 14th December 2020:
International Workshop with presentations on the drafting of the EEC Treaty, Walter Much of the European Commission’s Legal Service, ECJ Judge Robert Lecourt, and the state of the art in EU Legal History.

Debating Great Judgements of the European Court of Justice
12 May 2021:
International workshop discussing early history of EU law.


Professor William Phelan as Jean Monnet Chair pursues research on the history and politics of the European Court of Justice, focussing in particular on the life and contribution to the development of European Law of French politician and later ECJ, Robert Lecourt.
Papers for open access download via SSRN can be found here.
Professor Phelan’s research can be found here.

Recent publications on European law and on ECJ judge Robert Lecourt include the following:
  • Willian Phelan,Great Judgments of the European Court of Justice: Rethinking the Landmark Decisions of the Foundational Period, Cambridge Cambridge University Press, 2019, 1-258pp [Paperback 2021]
  • William Phelan, The Role of the German and Italian Constitutional Courts in the Rise of EU Human Rights Jurisprudence: A Response to Delledonne & Fabbrini, European Law Review, 46, (2), 2021, p175 - 193
  • William Phelan, European Legal Integration: Towards a More Liberal Intergovernmentalist Approach., Journal of Common Market Studies, 56, (7), 2018, p1562 – 1577
  • William Phelan 'Robert Lecourt (1908-2004): The Political Activist of the 1930s' in, editor(s) S. Vogenauer P. Bajon , Key Biographies in the Legal History of European Union, 1950-1993, UK, Hart, 2021
  • William Phelan, The revolutionary doctrines of European law and the legal philosophy of Robert Lecourt, European Journal of International Law, 28, (3), 2017, p935 - 957
  • William Phelan, Review of Juges et avocats généraux de la Cour de Justice de L'Union européene (1952-1972) by Vera Fritz, forthcoming 2021 in Irish Journal of European Law.


POU22021 International Relations and POU22022 International Relations B
Introductory modules to international relations with a particular emphasis on the external relations of the European Union.

POU33132 The European Court of Justice and other famous courts
A module on the law, politics, and history of the European Court of Justice, as well as scholarship on the United States Supreme Court and other prominent national and international tribunals.

Module outlines can be found here.


William Phelan, Associate Professor of Political Science and Jean Monnet Chair of EU Politics and Law.
Please also see information on the Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence at Trinity College here.