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Course Content

The course offers a range of modules that will deepen students’ knowledge of international politics. All modules are taught around a weekly seminar and assessed on the basis of assignments and exams. The number of modules on offer and topics covered, and whether there is any choice of module topics, varies from year to year depending on student numbers.

Students also attend the Department's Monday Seminar Series , which features speakers from a variety of fields presenting on a topics such as far-right parties, the International Criminal Court, human rights, and Irish fiscal policy.

Required Course Modules 2023-24

Optional Modules 2023-24 (students select four)

Michaelmas Term
Hilary Term
  • POP88041 / POP88051 MSc Research Design

  • POP88061/ POP88071 International Politics

  • POP88081 / POP88091 International Conflict

    First half (weeks 22 - 26)

  • POP88034 Middle Eastern Politics (draft)

  • POP88054 Violence and Political Order (draft)

  • POP88074 The Political Economy of International Development

  • POP88104 Russian Politics Under Putin (draft)

  • POP88144 Economic Inequality and Democracy (draft)

  • POP88174 Political Economy A (draft)

  • Second half (weeks 29 - 33)

  • POP88134 European Identity (draft)

  • POP88184 Political Economy B (draft)

  • POP88224 Political Illiberalism (draft)

  • POP88234 The Politics of Energy (draft)

  • POP88244 The History of International Relations as an Academic Discipline (draft)

  • POP88264 Varieties of Authoritarianism (draft)




Hilary Term
  • POP88164 Introduction to Quantitative Research Methods
Trinity Term
  • POP88200 Dissertation