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Department of Philosophy


Central Problems in Philosophy

For Philosophy of Religion - we should be discussing religions other than Christianity more

From Michaelmas Term 2018, an entire lecture on meditative practices in Mahayana Buddhism has been added, as well as greater attention to practices of prayer in Islam. This is in addition to the lecture on Confucianism that was already part of last year’s schedule.


Since the logic course is aimed at philosophy students (primarily), it would be useful to connect it more directly with philosophy

The last part of the course now consists of four lectures devoted to topics in philosophical logic, showing how what we learned in logic has direct application in handling some selected philosophical issues.

It was difficult to do the exercises in logic on our own, could we have more help than what’s given in the course book and lecture slides

Now there are additional walkthroughs/guides provided which show step-by-step examples of how to do the different types of tasks that you would come across during the course. This allows students to do the tasks with added comments, explicating what they needed to do at each point in the exercises.

Philosophy of Language

Student presentations take up too much time in seminars

Seminar format has now been changed to include shorter student presentations instead of one long presentation



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