Name Research Areas
Benavoli, Alessio Probabilistic machine learning, Bayesian Optimisation, quantum mechanics, automatic control, probability and decision theory
Bresnihan, Nina Technology and Learning, Computational Thinking, CS Education
Brophy, Caroline Statistics and Information Systems
D'Angelo, Silvia Statistics and Information Systems
Georgiadis, Athanasios Statistics and Information Systems
Howard, Emma Statistics education, clustering analysis, applied statistics, and learning analytics
Ng, Tin Lok James Statistics and Information Systems
Roberts, Paula Applied Information Systems; Educational Technology
Savage, Tim Digital Higher Education Education and Sustainability
Tangney, Brendan Technology Enhanced Learning; 21st Century Teaching & Learning; Educational Innovation
White, Arthur Computational statistics, applied statistics, model based clustering, pharmacoeconomics.
Wilson, Diana Critical Theory in ICT; Future planning paradigms in Information Systems; Historicism and Technology

Wilson, Simon

(Head of Discipline)

Bayesian statistics, statistical reliability, interface of information and communications systems and statistical learning, computationally intensive statistics

Wyse, Jason

Latent Gaussian models, Model based clustering, Bayesian methods, Bayesian model determination, block modelling, changepoint models, application based model development

Zhang, Mimi

Clustering, Bayesian optimization, functional data analysis, tree-based methods, reliability, maintenance