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Name Research Areas Publications
Ahmad, Khurshid Artificial Intelligence, Neural Networks, terminology & Ontology, Cross-modal interactions (image-text and text-number interaction), Grid-based financial modelling and sentiment analysis, Multi-lingual (Arabic, Chinese, Celtic languages)text processing, Video annotation and surveillance
Arnedillo-Sánchez, Inmaculada Learning Technologies in particular Mobile Learning technologies; Other areas of interest are the use of ICT as Socio-cultural Tools for Social Integration; Enabling technologies and CALL (Computer Assisted Language Learning)

Conlan, Owen

(Head of Discipline)

Adaptive Systems; Personalised eLearning; Adaptive Hypermedia; Strategies for Adaptation; Visualisation
Di Liberto, Giovanni Machine Learning, Signal Processing, Cognitive Science, Speech processing, Linguistics, Neurolinguistics, Neuroscience, Brain Health
Doherty, Gavin Technology in Healthcare; Technology in mental health; Human-Computer Interaction; Visualization; user engagement; e-Health; m-Health.
Emms, Martin Machine Learning in NLP, Theories of Natural Language Grammars, Theory and Algorithms for Calculating Similarities and Distances
Fernando, Tim Natural language semantics and knowledge representation
Graham, Yvette Artificial Intelligence
Hederman, Lucy Health informatics, specifically clinical decision support; knowledge management; data integration; patient generated health data

Kelleher, John

Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing

Lewis, Dave


Knowledge-based Data Governance; Semantic Web; Linked Open Data; Trustworthy AI; Responsible Innovation; Data Ethics; Privacy & Data Protection; Interoperability Standards; Digital Content Technology
O'Hare, Gregory Artificial Intelligence
O'Sullivan, Declan Data Integration; Knowledge-based integration; Semantic Modelling; Semantic Interoperability, Semantic Mapping, Linked Data, Linked Data Interlinking, Knowledge Graphs
Stephens, Gaye Informed Consent to sharing digital Health Information. Patient Engagement in EHR analysis and Design.
Vogel, Carl Computational Linguistics, Linguistic Anomaly, HPSG Syntax, Formal Semantics, Cognitive Science, Language Evolution, Artificial Intelligence and Law, Forensic Linguistics
Wade, Vincent Personalisation, Conversational AI, Knowledge Engineering, Adaptive (User Centric) Systems, User Modelling, Technology Enhanced Learning