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Graduate Skills and Career Opportunities

The Trinity Careers Service provides specialist support and guidance for students in Linguistics as they explore career opportunities. The Trinity Careers Service team are available to meet with students and recent graduates. Many events are organised throughout the year, including career fairs, mentoring, developing an online profile, and much more.
Graduates in Linguistics have a wide variety of career opportunities to choose from. Pathways for academic and research careers abound, and many graduates will choose to undertake further studies, including specialist Master’s and doctoral degrees. Linguistics also has natural affinities with subjects including sociology, psychology, neuroscience, philosophy, and anthropology. Trinity’s joint honours degree with Linguistics provides an excellent foundation for many professions involving language-centred expertise, such as

  • Education and training, including language teaching and testing services
  • Media and publishing
  • Journalism
  • PR and advertising
  • IT including speech and language technology
  • Speech and language therapy - a separate postgraduate qualification is required to pursue this career
  • Translation and interpreting
  • Government including diplomacy

Recent graduates in our School with a qualification in Linguistics have been employed by multinational companies such as Apple, Google, Facebook and Amazon. Our graduates have forged careers in business development, professional services, the hospitality industry and the NGO sector. They are also employed across the education sector in Ireland and abroad.