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B.A. (Mod.) in Computer Science, Linguistics, and Language

This full-time multi-disciplinary undergraduate course, leading to the degree of B.A.(Mod.) in Computer Science, Linguistics, and Language, combines the study of Computer Science, the study of a particular language (Spanish, French, or Irish) and the study of Linguistics.
From a time-tabling perspective, the time apportioned to the components will be roughly 50% computer science, 25% study of the language of choice, and 25% linguistics, though many modules interrelate these areas.
CLCS (Linguistics) is responsible for the Linguistics component of the degree, which are the following:

  • Junior Freshman
    • LIU11009 Syntax I (S1, 5 ECTS )
    • LIU11011 Semantics I (S2, 5 ECTS)
    • LIU11003 Phonetics and Phonology I (S2, 5 ECTS)
  • Senior Freshman
    • LIU22005 Syntax II  (S1, 5 ECTS)
    • LIU22008 Phonology II   (S1, 5 ECTS)
    • LIU22012 Phonetics and Phonology Lab  (S2, 5 ECTS)
  • Junior Sophister
    • LIU33007 Second Language Acquisition  (S1, 5 ECTS)
    • LIU33010 Historical Linguistics   (S2, 5 ECTS)
    • LIU33011 Phonetics II (S2, 5 ECTS)
  • Senior Sophister
    • LIU44001 Speech Analysis and Synthesis (S1, 5 ECTS)
    • LIU44002 Computational Linguistics (S2, 5 ECTS)

Further details of the course are available on the Department of Computer Science website.