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Phonetics and Speech Science

  • Prof. Ailbhe Ní Chasaide
  • Dr. Christer Gobl
  • Prof. Nick Campbell
  • Dr. Irena Yanushevskaya (Research Fellow)

Research for student dissertations and projects may be undertaken in a variety of theoretical and descriptive areas. It is possible to identify however the four following main research strands. See also publications for Christer Gobl and Ailbhe Ní Chasaide. Please see our Phonetics and Speech Lab pages for further details of our current research projects.

Voice source/voice quality analysis

  • Development of techniques for source filter decomposition
  • Analysis of voice quality
  • Linguistic aspects of voice source variation: production studies
  • Voice quality and the communication of emotion, mood, attitude: synthesis based perception studies
  • Relevant projects: Prosody of Irish Dialects, Interaction of voice quality and f0, SPACT SPEECHMAPS, VOX, VERIVOX


  • Intonation of Irish dialects: comparative studies
  • How intonation, voice quality interact in prosody
  • Linguistic and paralinguistic functions of prosody
  • Relevant projects: Prosody of Irish Dialects , Interaction of voice quality and f0

Speech synthesis and text-to-speech

  • Developing text-to-speech for Irish
  • Irish corpora for text-to-speech
  • Voice quality and the naturalness of synthetic speech
  • Relevant projects: CABÓIGÍN, WISPR, CABÓG, COST, Interaction of voice quality and f0, SPACT, VOX

Articulatory/acoustic/aerodynamic analysis

  • Coarticulation and connected speech processes
  • Primary and secondary articulation of the Irish consonants
  • Articulatory database: Irish consonants
  • Development of software for combined analysis of EPG, EMMA, acoustic and aerodynamic signals
  • Relevant projects: ACCOR I and ACCOR II

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