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Occasional Papers Archive

The following titles have been published and are available from The Secretary, Centre for Language and Communication Studies, Trinity College, Dublin 2, Ireland.

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Occasional Papers, 1981

Autumn 1981

  • 1. D. M. Singleton, Language transfer: a review of some recent research (31pp.)
  • 2. Jeffrey L. Kallen, Linguistics and oral tradition: the structural study of the riddle (33pp.)
  • 3. D. M. Singleton, Age as a factor in second language acquisition (70pp.) - OUT OF PRINT

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Occasional Papers, 1982

Summer 1982

  • 4. Francis Nolan, Voice quality and speech synthesis (30pp.)
  • 5. Roger Bennett, Language elicitation procedures (23pp.)

Winter 1982

  • 6. S. M. Devitt, D. G. Little, S. P. Ó Conchúir & D. M. Singleton, Learning Irish with Anois is Arís (128pp.) - OUT OF PRINT

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Occasional Papers, 1983

Autumn 1983

  • 7. William T. Littlewood, A communicative approach to language-teaching methodology (19pp.)
  • 8. Rose Maclaran, On the interaction of semantics and pragmatics (18pp.)
  • 9. E. M. Harding, Compensation strategies (54pp.)

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Occasional Papers, 1984

Autumn 1984

  • 10. Jeffrey L. Kallen, Generative phonology in the clinic (38pp.)
  • 11. Gearóid Ó Ciaráin, The affective dimension in second/foreign language learning: an interactional perspective (42pp.)

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Occasional Papers, 1985

Spring 1985

  • 12. D. M. Singleton & D. G. Little, Foreign languages at second level: defining a syllabus, with particular reference to the needs of the senior cycle (19pp.)
  • 13. John Harris, The polylectal grammar stops here (12pp.)

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Occasional Papers, 1986

Spring 1986

  • 14. D. G. Little and A. J. Grant, Learning German without a teacher. Report on a self-instructional programme for undergraduate students of Engineering Science at Trinity College, Dublin, 1982-1984 (60pp.)
  • 15. Máire Owens, Eithne: a study of second language development (62pp.)
  • 16. D. Wilson and D. Sperber, Pragmatics: an overview (36pp.)

Autumn 1986

  • 17. Ailbhe Ní Chasaide & Eugene Davis, A data-processing system for quantitative analysis in speech production (28pp.)
  • 18. Seán M. Devitt, Learning a foreign language through the media (69pp.)
  • 19. Meriel Bloor & Thomas Bloor, Languages for specific purposes: practice and theory (34pp.)

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Occasional Papers, 1988

Spring 1988

  • 20. D. G. Little & D. M. Singleton, Authentic materials and the role of fixed support in language teaching: towards a manual for language learners (26pp.)

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Occasional Papers, 1989

Spring 1989

  • 21. Seán M. Devitt, Classroom discourse: its nature and its potential for language learning (72pp.)
  • 22. V. J. Cook, The relevance of grammar in the applied linguistics of language teaching (43pp.)

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Occasional Papers, 1990

Spring 1990

  • 23. Sera De Vriendt & Pete Van de Craen, Bilingualism in Belgium: a history and an appraisal (52pp.)
  • 24. David Singleton, The cross-linguistic factor in second language learning: a report on some small-scale studies recently conducted at the CLCS (20pp.)

Autumn 1990

  • 25. Paul Farrell, Vocabulary in ESP: a lexical analysis of the English of electronics and a study of semi-technical vocabulary (82pp.)
  • 26. David Singleton, The TCD Modern Languages Research Project: objectives, instruments and preliminary results (19pp.)
  • 27. Federica Scarpa, Contrastive analysis and second language learners' errors: an analysis of C-test data elicited from beginners in Italian (47pp.)

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Occasional Papers, 1991

Spring 1991

  • 28. Jennifer Ridley, Strategic competence in second language performance: a study of four advanced learners (95pp.)
  • 29. Susan Abbey, A case for on-going evaluation in English language teaching projects (43pp.)

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Occasional Papers, 1992

Spring 1992

  • 30. Frank Donoghue, Teachers' guides: a review of their function (51pp.)
  • 31. Barbara Byrne, Relevance Theory and the language of advertising (76pp.)

Summer 1992

  • 32. Jonathan West, The development of a functional-notional syllabus for university German courses (50pp.)
  • 33. James Mannes Bourke, The case for problem solving in second language learning (23pp.)

Autumn 1992

  • 34. Tom Hopkins, Intertextuality: a discussion, with particular reference to The Waste Land (28pp.)
  • 35. David Singleton & Emer Singleton, University-level learners of Spanish in Ireland: a profile based on data from the TCD Modern Languages Research Project (12pp.)

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Occasional Papers, 1993

Spring 1993

  • 36. Frank Maguire, Sign languages: an introduction to their social context and their structure (39pp.)
  • 37. Ema Ushioda, Acculturation theory and linguistic fossilization: a comparative case study (54pp.)

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Occasional Papers, 1994

Summer 1994

  • 38. Carl James, Phil Scholfield and George Ypsiladis, Cross-cultural correspondence: letters of application (28pp.)
  • 39. Dieter Wolff, New approaches to language teaching: an overview (18pp.)

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Occasional Papers, 1995

Spring 1995

  • 40. James A. Coleman, Progress, proficiency and motivation among British university language learners (38pp.)

Summer 1995

  • 41. Terence Odlin, Causation in language contact: a devilish problem (40pp.)
  • 42. Dee McGarry, An integrated ESL and cultural studies syllabus (43pp.)

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Occasional Papers, 1996

Spring 1996

  • 43. Terence Odlin, Sorrow penny yee payed for my drink: taboo, euphemism and a phantom substrate (24pp.)
  • 44. Michael Sharwood Smith, The Garden of Eden and beyond: on second language processing (20pp.)
  • 45. Diana Masny, Examining assumptions in second language research (24pp.)

Summer 1996

  • 46. David Little and Helmut Brammerts (eds.), A guide to language learning in tandem via the Internet (83pp.)

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Occasional Papers, 1997

Spring 1997

  • 47. Barbara Lazenby Simpson, Social distance as a factor in the achievement of pragmatic competence (60pp.)
  • 48. Danièle Tort-Moloney, Teacher autonomy: a Vygotskian theoretical framework (54pp.)
  • 49. Terence Odlin, Hiberno-English: pidgin, creole, or neither? (39pp.)

Autumn 1997

  • 50. Robert J. Fouser, Pragmatic transfer in highly advanced learners: some preliminary findings (44pp.)
  • 51. Hans W. Dechert, What's in a life? (19pp.)

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Occasional Papers, 1998

Spring 1998

  • 52. Ghiath El-Marzouk, Avoidance defined: the psychology of linguistic determinism and the ontology of cognitive predeterminism (74pp.)
  • 53. David Singleton, Lexical processing and the "language module" (38pp.)

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Occasional Papers, 1999

Spring 1999

  • 54. Marie Christine Appel, Tandem language learning by e-mail: some basic principles and a case study (64pp.)
  • 55. David Little, Ema Ushioda, Marie Christine Appel, John Moran, Breffni O'Rourke, Klaus Schwienhorst, Evaluating tandem language learning by e-mail: report on a bilateral project (54pp.)

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Occasional Papers, 2000

Summer 2000

  • 56. Laila Aase, Anne-Brit Fenner, David Little, Turid Trebbi, Writing as cultural competence: a study of the relationship between mother tongue and foreign language learning within a framework of learner autonomy (52pp.)
  • 57. David Singleton, Síle Harrington, Alison Henry, At the sharp end of language revival: English-speaking parents raising Irish-speaking children (12pp.)
  • 58. Karen Ruddock, An argument for the use of authentic texts with beginners of Japanese as a foreign language (12pp.)

Autumn 2000

  • 59. Jelena Mihaljevic Djigunovic, Language learning strategies and affect (28pp.)

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Occasional Papers, 2002

Autumn 2002

  • 60. Miyuki Usuki, Learner autonomy: learning from the student's voice (28pp.)
  • 61. Ema Ushioda, Jennifer Ridley, Working with the European Language Portfolio in Irish post-primary schools: report on an evaluation project (55pp.)

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Occasional Papers, 2003

Autumn 2003

  • 62. Ghiath El-Marzouk, The canonical passive construction: theory and practice (128pp.)

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Occasional Papers, 2004

Autumn 2004

  • 63. Ghiath El-Marzouk, Impersonal passivisation and its 'personalization': a pragmatic approach (40pp.)
  • 64. Muiris Ó Laoire, From L2 to L3/L4: a study of learners' metalinguistic awareness after 13 years of learning Irish

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