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Linguistics Open Modules

Open Modules are modules that are taught as part of or by other programmes but are complementary and related to your own programme of study. These are offered to 2nd and 3rd year students in a Single Honours or a Trinity Joint Honour programme. Open Modules will provide you with a wealth of opportunities to enrich the study of your core curriculum.
CLCS (Linguistics) offers the following open modules:

  • LIU11008         Introduction to Linguistics I
  • LIU11012         Introduction to Linguistics II
  • LIU22007         Sociolinguistics
  • LIU22010         Applied Linguistics I
  • LIU33007         Second Language Acquisition
  • LIU33009         Applied Linguistics II
  • LIU33010         Historical Linguistics

Further details on the Open Modules are available on the Trinity Joint Honours website.