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profile picture of Amy ConneryWelcome to new member of staff, Dr Amy Connery

We are delighted to welcome Dr Amy Connery on board as a new staff member in the School's Clinical Speech and Language Studies department. Amy worked as a speech and language therapist for over ten years in paediatric and disability settings in Ireland. She completed her PhD last year with the University of Limerick (UL). Her thesis centred on the development of an evidence-based and stakeholder-informed framework to support speech and language therapists working with adults who stutter. Dr Connery taught a range of modules at the University of Limerick, including Fluency Disorders, Psychology, Developmental Disabilities, and Preschool Speech and Language Development.

Dr Connery is currently planning a HRB-funded conference centred on stuttering research and clinical practice. This conference will be open to key stakeholders including adults who stutter, and they will have the opportunity to identify their key research priorities. Amy is also researching the role of therapeutic alliance in speech and language therapy, and its components as perceived by a range of stakeholders.