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Provost's PhD Project Award

Professor Martine Smith and Aideen Lynam who won a Provost's PhD Project Award with Professor Mary McCarron at a reception in the Provost's House.

Aideen is a Speech and Language Therapist, who graduated from Trinity’s Clinical Speech and Language Studies undergraduate programme in 2017. She has experience working with people who have a physical disability, and who use augmentative or alternative means of communication.
Aideen’s has research interests in many areas, including communication difficulties in both children and adults with physical or intellectual disabilities, narrative development and intervention in childhood, and in augmentative and alternative communication. Aideen is a recipient of the Provost’s PhD award and is currently conducting her PhD at the School on Linguistics and Communication Science. The project focuses on gathering life stories from people with communication difficulties and creating a multimodal online database of these stories. Her main interest is on the life stories of people who use augmentative and alternative communication.


Pak Hei Chan who won a Provost's PhD Project Award with the Dean of Graduate Studies, Professor Neville Cox at a reception in the Provost's House.

Pak Hei (Hayes) arrived in Trinity in September, from the University of Aberdeen. His research interests lie in the areas of linguistic imperialism, multilingualism and the link between language and the sense of national identity. Pak Hei is a recipient of the Provost's PhD scholarship and is conducting his research project 'Multilingualism in Hong Kong' under the supervision of Dr. Lorna Carson. The aims of his project are to firstly look at the ways in which linguistic imperialism was implemented in Hong Kong during the colonial period, and then to examine the link between the multilingualism of Hong Kong people and their sense of national identity.