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Trinity College Dublin Inclusive Curriculum Project – Trinity-INC.

In the School of Linguistic, Speech, and Communication Sciences, we passionately promote inclusivity and diversity as a powerful social and biological resource in all our teaching and learning activities. As Trinity’s student population is becoming increasingly diverse, and more students from different socio-economic, ethnic, cultural and learning backgrounds, as well as students with disabilities, LGBTQ+ students, and mature students are enrolling in our courses, it is essential that we champion inclusivity and diversity in all sectors in order to positively impact on personal and overall societal wellbeing.  

To celebrate this diversity and continue to strengthen Trinity as a place of belonging for all students, we must ensure our curricula reflect the values of equality, diversity and inclusion. In the School of Linguistic, Speech, and Communication Sciences, we embed the principles of Trinity’s Inclusive Curriculum within all our education and research activities. Our staff carefully consider how to promote inclusivity and diversity when preparing courses, modules and online materials and these values are consistently reflected in our learning outcomes. This means that we ensure that all our students, regardless of background, personal circumstances, or learning abilities or strategies, have an equal and equitable opportunity to engage fully in their studies and achieve their learning goals during their time in our School.

More information on Trinity's Inclusive Curriculum can be found here