Mr. Alexis Donnelly

Mr. Alexis Donnelly

Assistant Professor, Computer Science

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Publications and Further Research Outputs

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  • McGuirk, R., Donnelly, A. and Holmes,B., Communal Constructivism and Its Potential for Inclusion of Students with Visual Impairment, Inaugural NDA Disability Research Conference - Using Emancipatory Research Methodologies in Disability Research, Dublin, 2002, NDA, 2002, pp101 - 112Conference Paper, 2002
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  • Thompson AJ, Carroll W, Ciccarelli O, Comi G, Cross A, Donnelly A, Feinstein A, Fox RJ, Helme A, Hohlfeld R, Hyde R, Kanellis P, Landsman D, Lubetzki C, Marrie RA, Morahan J, Montalban X, Musch B, Rawlings S, Salvetti M, Sellebjerg F, Sincock C, Smith KE, Strum J, Zaratin P, Coetzee T., Charting a global research strategy for progressive MS-An international progressive MS Alliance proposal., Multiple sclerosis (Houndmills, Basingstoke, England), 28, (1), 2022, p16-28Journal Article, 2022, DOI
  • Dangond F, Donnelly A, Hohlfeld R, Lubetzki C, Kohlhaas S, Leocani L, Ciccarelli O, Stankoff B, Sormani MP, Chataway J, Bozzoli F, Cucca F, Melton L, Coetzee T, Salvetti M., Facing the urgency of therapies for progressive MS - a Progressive MS Alliance proposal., Nature reviews. Neurology, 17, (3), 2021, p185-192Journal Article, 2021, DOI
  • Alexis Donnelly, Opening Keynote, SECOND SCIENTIFIC CONGRESS PROGRESSIVE MS - ASSESSING THE CHALLENGES AND LOOKING AHEAD, San Francisco, 12 May, 2016, International Progressive MS Alliance, 1 - 5ppInvited Talk

Research Expertise

Distributed Systems; Object-Oriented Programming Languages; Programming Language Support for Distributed Systems and its formal aspects.


  • Elected to Trinity Scholarship 1980
  • Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) present
  • Member of the Scientific Steering Committee of the International Progressive Multiple Sclerosis Alliance (PMSA). PMSA is a collaborative research initiative between international MS Societies (US, UK, Canada, Australia, Italy, and many others), leading MS researchers and teams, regulators, industry and people affected by MS. The Alliance has so far funded €15 million in research towards a therapy for progressive MS. 2016-2022
  • Founding member of the All Island Multiple Sclerosis Research Network 2021-present
  • Membership of MS-Ireland's Research Committee 2005-2020