The inclusion of the School of Computer Science's Graphics and Vision discipline in the festival's Mindfield area was a captivating surprise for festival-goers. This interdisciplinary endeavour was made possible thanks to the collaborative efforts of Aisling Murray and Science Foundation Ireland.

The intriguing line-up at the Manifesto Stage featured various tech presentations that piqued the curiosity of the festival's diverse crowd. Attendees had the opportunity to embark on virtual field trips, explore X-ray vision, and even embody avatars through innovative demonstrations by experts like Gareth W. Young, Priyansh Jalan, Dalila Burin, Darragh Higgins, and Yuan He. Moreover, the "Art or AI?" presentation from Emma Clarke and the TCD Adapt Research Centre and the "Robots and Lasers" showcase from Maynooth University added a touch of wonder and intrigue to the mix.

The public reacted to these astonishing technological and artistic experiences with nothing short of awe. Festival-goers were eager to engage with the fusion of art and science, sparking discussions and inspiring new ideas. Electric Picnic 2023 proved that a music festival could be more than just music, providing a platform for showcasing Ireland's cutting-edge graphics, vision, and immersive technology advancements.