Coordinated by SCSS Principal Investigator Dr Giovanni Di Liberto, the CNSP workshop 2022 involved 97 participants, 3 invited speakers, 2 selected tutorial speakers, and 6 organisers.

The workshop was organized under the banner of the CNSP initiative which aims to develop and collect resources, such as analysis scripts and publicly available neural data, for the study of cognition and natural sensory perception. In doing so, a standardised pipeline will be proposed for recording, analysing, storing, sharing, and comparing datasets involving natural sensory processing, such as speech/music perception and watching movies. The CNSP workshop 2022 aimed to provide fundamental insights on the standardised pipeline and analysis scripts via a set of tutorials delivered by organisers, as well as giving space to other tutorials from researchers in the field, providing a comparison of current methodological techniques, as well as proposing new approaches for the field.

Overall, the goals of the workshop were largely achieved. A large set of resources (tutorials, documentation, a proposal for a standardisation with several datasets and analysis code) were collected, including the recordings of the sessions, which will all be shared shortly on the workshop website available at this link.