On Tuesday 12th April the School of Computer Science and Statistics held its first ever Software Engineering (Sweng) Projects Showcase and Industry Awards in the O’Reilly Institute, Trinity. 

 Student groups from 2nd and 3rd year Computer Science and Computer Science and Business taking the Sweng Projects Modules (CSU33013 & CSU 22013) showcased their Sweng projects to industry partners and competed for ‘Most Outstanding Project 2022’. 

Ten projects were nominated, out of a total of 40, from the 12-week industry-based software engineering project modules part of the HCI Software Engineering New Undergraduate Core Strand funded under the Human Capital Initiative

 The ‘Most Outstanding Project’ was chosen by industry judges Brenda Mannion, Mersus Technologies; Matt Wilkinson, Microsoft; Mihai Criveti, IBM; Doug Anderson, Shutterstock and Colin Benson, Arista.  

 The overall winner of the ‘Most Outstanding Project’ was GROUP 2 - Mobile Music app: Music discovery experience (Client-mentor: Orange Tribes) for their ‘impressive hands-on, end to end demonstration’

 ‘The student groups who really stood out to us were those who were able to tell the ‘story’ of their project. We were really interested in hearing those students who were able to engage with an audience (potential investor/client/user) who were not all necessarily technically focused. This is key in the commercialization of a Technical/Engineering project and, for me, this was just as important as students being able to demonstrate their technical proficiency.’ Brenda Mannion, Mersus Technologies 

Marten-Jan Vermeulen, Founder and CEO of OrangeTribes and Industry Mentor for the winning team said; 

OrangeTribes has been part of the programme for many years, proposing projects and providing mentorship to student groups. As a company based in the Netherlands the showcase was an excellent opportunity to meet the students in-person, visit the campus as well as see the range of student projects on display.

The full list of nominated projects for 2022: 

  • GROUP 2 - Mobile Music app: Music discovery experience (Client-mentor: Orange Tribes

  • GROUP 7 - Lecture Dictation & Natural Language Querying of Knowledge Corpus (Client-mentor IBM

  • GROUP 10 - A Blockchain publishing system (Client-mentor: Propylon)     

  • GROUP 17 - Web-based Dashboard App for monitoring & alerting of automation jobs anomalies (Client-mentor: Millennium)  

  • GROUP 21 - HoloLens Mixed Reality Video Game (Client-mentor: Microsoft)  

  • GROUP 24 - Pneumothorax Detection Using Computer Vision (Client-mentor: Microsoft) 

  • GROUP 30 - NLP based Sentiment analysis (Client-mentor: IBM)  

  • GROUP 31 - Multiple users Kanban board (Client-mentor: IBM) 

  • GROUP 34 - A TODO App (Client-mentor: IBM)  

  • GROUP 39 - Import function for 3rd party Bots to native Genesys Bots (Client-mentor: Genesys

The School of Computer Science and Statistics would like to congratulate all our nominated student groups, well done on all your hard work and professionalism throughout. We also wish to thank all our industry mentors this year, with special thanks to our fantastic industry judges and IBM and Microsoft for sponsoring the overall prize and Arista for providing all nominated students with Arista gifts.  

About HCI Industry-based Sweng Projects  

Every year companies are invited to propose a software engineering project (or projects) for which student teams will develop software solutions. The Sweng Projects run in the second Semester for 12 weeks, from January to April. The groups are made up of students from both 2nd and 3rd year of the Integrated Computer Science and computer Science and Business courses. Each group will invest 400 - 560 hours of project work, with the final working piece of software delivered to the client in April. 

If you would like to get involved please contact Prof. Inmaculada Arnedillo-Sánchez, Sweng Projects coordinator & HCI Software Engineering Undergraduate Strand leader, or Hester Jackman, Internship & HCI administrator or visit this page