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Research Opportunities

We are seeking to recruit a Postdoctoral Research Fellow to investigate the use of Machine Learning for sustainable mobility, within CONNECT - the Science Foundation Ireland Research Centre for Future Networks and Communications in collaboration with the E3 Kinsella SUMMIT (Sustainable Mobility Models for a Just Transition) initiative. The successful candidate must have a PhD in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Electronic Engineering, or a related field. The post is applicable to both new and experienced PhD holders, and salary will be commensurate with experience and achievement. The successful candidate will join an inter-disciplinary team of highly-skilled and innovative researchers in Sustainable Mobility. Application Procedure Please send applications by email to and quoting “Personalized Mobility as a Service Fellowship” in the subject line and containing three PDF files as follows: A cover letter, a curriculum vitae (giving full details of qualifications and experience, including transcripts of degrees, a description of your contribution to relevant project work, identification of your three most-significant publications relevant to the project, and the names and contact details of two referees), and a 1-2 page research proposal

Sustainable Mobility Research Fellow Advert

Internship Opportunities

About the Project

Offering predictable journey times is important to the uptake of sustainable road transportation including future public, shared, and on-demand mobility services and to ontime delivery of goods. To achieve such predictability, the ClearWay1 project at TCD is exploring ‘slot-based driving’ (SBD) as a strategy for active management of roads (especially
highways). SBD abstracts traffic as flows of slots with each slot having a specified trajectory. Vehicles are associated to slots and their trajectories are intended to follow those of their 
assigned slots. In practice, depending on the level of control available and/or the degree of compliance of drivers with guidance, vehicles may depart from their slots. However, slots 
provide an abstraction over which the road traffic management system can reason and exercise control. In particular, we are exploring the use of reinforcement learning to have 
controllers learn appropriate slot-management strategies.

This project will develop a simulation environment to allow the evaluation of the potential benefit of SBD in realistic traffic scenarios initially focusing on highways but extending to 
urban environments if time permits. 

Skills Required

Excellent computer programming skills (preferably using Python) as well as: 
For post (1) ideally previous experience of computer simulation preferably using SUMO;
For post (2) mandatory previous experience of machine learning, preferably reinforcement learning, and ideally experience with mobile robotics and/or embedded systems;
For post (3) mandatory previous experience of developing distributed applications, preferably with AWS

The positions are tenable immediately for up to twelve weeks (expected to finish no later than the 30th of August 2024) and interns will be expected to work primarily on campus. 

Full Details: Clearway Internship