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John Kane



Contact Information

Google Scholar: link LinkedIn: link
Address: Phonetics & Speech Laboratory,
Centre for Language and Communication Studies,
Room 4074 Arts Building,
Trinity College Dublin,
College Green,
Dublin 2


Research Interests

Glottal source and voice quality analysis, expressive speech synthesis, analysis of speaking style variation in spoken interaction.

Current Projects

  • Designing robust strategies for parameterisation of perceptually important aspects of the glottal excitation source.
  • Developing effective and robust approaches for classifying and discriminating voice quality in corpora of expressive speech.
  • Applying these developments to various speech technology applications, e.g., expressive speech synthesis, emotion recognition, detection of disordered speech etc.



  • Kane, J., (2013) `Tools for analysing the voice - Developments in glottal source and voice quality analysis', Ph.D. Thesis (Link)

Journal publications

  • Scherer, S., Kane, J., Gobl, C., Schwenker, F., (2013)
    `Investigating fuzzy-input fuzzy-output support vector machines for robust voice quality classification', Computer Speech and Language 27(1), pp. 263-287 (Link)
  • Kane, J., Gobl, C., (2013) `Evaluation of glottal closure instant detection in a range of voice qualities', Speech Communication 55(2), pp. 295-314. (Link)
  • Kane, J., Drugman, T., Gobl, C., (2013) `Improved automatic detection of creak', 27(4), pp. 1028-1047, Computer Speech and Language. (Link)
  • Kane, J., Gobl, C., (2013) `Automating manual user strategies for precise voice source analysis', Speech Communication 55(3), pp.397-414. (Link)
  • Kane, J., Gobl, C., (2013) `Wavelet maxima dispersion for breathy to tense voice discrimination', IEEE Transactions on Audio Speech and Language Processing, 21(6), pp. 1170-1179. (Link)
  • Kane, J., Aylett, M., Yanushevskaya, I., Gobl, C., [Under review] `Phonetic feature extraction for context sensitive glottal source processing', Speech Communication.
  • Drugman, T., Kane, J., Gobl., C., [Under review] `Data-driven detection and analysis of the patterns of creaky voice', Computer Speech and Language, Special issue on glottal source processing.

Selected conference publications

  • Kane, J., De Looze, C., Yanushevskaya, I., Ní Chasaide, A.,[Submitted] `Analysing the prosodic characteristics of speech-chunks preceding silences in task-based interactions', Proceedings of ICASSP 2014.
  • Raitio, T., Lu, H., Kane, J., King, S., Alku, P., [Submitted] `Voice source modelling using deep neural networks for statistical parametric speech synthesis', Proceedings of ICASSP 2014.
  • Degottex, G., Kane, J., Drugman, T., Raitio, T., Scherer, S., [Submitted] `'
    `COVAREP - A collaborative voice analysis repository for speech technologies', Proceeding of ICASSP 2014.
  • De Looze, C., Kane, J., Yanushevskaya, I., Ní Chasaide, A., [Submitted] `'
    `Characterising passive and active listening and talking state dynamics in spoken interaction', Proceeding of ICASSP 2014.
  • Cullen, A., Kane, J., Drugman, T., Harte, N., (2013)
    `Creaky voice and the classification of affect', Proceeding of WASSS 2013, Grenoble, France. (Paper).
  • Kane, J., Scherer, S., Morency, L-P, , Gobl, C., (2013)
    `A comparative study of glottal open quotient estimation techniques', Interspeech 2013, Lyon, France. (Paper). (Poster).
  • Kane, J., Yanushevskaya, I., Dalton, J., Gobl, C., Ní Chasaide, A., (2013)
    `Using phonetic feature extraction to determine optimal  speech regions for maximising the effectiveness of glottal source analysis', Interspeech 2013, Lyon, France. (Paper). (Slides).
  • Raitio, T., Kane, J., Drugman, T., Gobl, C., (2013)
    `HMM-based synthesis of creaky voice', Interspeech 2013, Lyon, France. (Paper).
  • Ní Chasaide, A., Yanushevskaya, I., Kane, J., Gobl, C., (2013)
    `The Voice Prominence Hypothesis: the Interplay of F0 and Voice Source Features in Accentuation', Interspeech 2013, Lyon, France. (Paper).
  • Kane, J., Gobl, C., (2013)
    `Evaluation of automatic glottal source analysis', NOLISP 2013, Mons, Belgium. (Paper). (Slides).
  • Kane, J., Scherer, S., Aylett, M., Morency, L-P., Gobl, C., (2013)
    `Speaker and language independent voice quality classification applied to unlabelled corpora of expressive speech', ICASSP 2013, Vancouver, Canada. (Paper). (Poster).
  • Drugman, T., Kane, J., Raitio, T., Gobl, C., (2013)
    `Prediction of creaky voice from contextual factors', ICASSP 2013, Vancouver, Canada. (Paper). (Poster).
  • Drugman, T., Kane, J., Gobl, C., (2012)
    `Resonator-based creaky voice detection', Interspeech 2012, Portland, Oregon, USA.(Paper), (Poster),
  • Drugman, T., Kane, J., Gobl, C., (2012)
    `Modeling the creaky excitation for parametric speech synthesis', Interspeech 2012, Portland, Oregon, USA.(Paper). (Slides).
  • Székely, É, Kane, J., Scherer, S., Gobl, C., Carson-Berndsen, J., (2012)
    `Detecting a targeted voice style in an audiobook using voice quality features', in Proceedings of ICASSP 2012, Kyoto, Japan (Paper). (Poster).
  • Kane, J. and Gobl, C., (2011)
    `Identifying regions of non-modal phonation using features of the wavelet transform', in Proceedings of Interspeech 2011, Firenze, Italy (Paper).
  • Cabral, J., Kane, J., Gobl, C., and Carson-Berndsen, J., (2011)
    `Evaluation of glottal epoch detection algorithms on different voice types', in Proceedings of Interspeech 2011, Firenze, Italy (Paper).
  • Kane, J., Papay, K., Hunyadi, L., and Gobl, C., (2011)
    `On the use of creak in Hungarian spontaneous speech', in Proceedings of ICPhS 2011, Hong Kong (Paper).
  • Yanushevskaya, I., Kane, J., ,Gobl, C., Ní Chasaide, A. (2010). `An Exploration of Voice Source Correlates of Focus', in Proceedings of Interspeech 2010, Makuhari, Japan. (Paper)

Voice Quality Samples - Speech Communication Paper Submission


COVAREP - A collaborative voice analysis repository for speech technologies (Website) (GitHub)

Voice Analysis Toolkit (GitHub)

Curriculum Vitae

CV: (Link) Last updated 17th June 2013.


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