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P.Grad. Diploma Clinical Speech & Language Studies (Dysphagia)


Duration: One Year part-time

Applications will open on 2nd November 2014

To apply for this course go to

The Graduate Studies Office website provides details of College's general entry requirements as well as detailed information on the application procedure. International students whose first language is not English should see in addition Trinity's English language requirements.

Course Enquiries to: Sarah Ryan


Please note, this programme may not be offered unless a minimum of five applications are received.


About the course

This part-time course offers speech and language therapists an opportunity to develop specialist skills in eating, drinking and swallowing disorders in both adult and paediatric populations. The Postgraduate Diploma course takes place over one academic year. Courses are timetabled to facilitate overseas speech and language therapists and speech and language therapists in employment.

Learning Outcomes:

On successful completion of this programme, Graduates will be able to:

  1. extend and enhance their existing theoretical knowledge base in  dysphagia (eating, drinking and swallowing disorders) across the lifespan with a critical awareness of new insights and developments within the field.
  2. apply their knowledge and comprehension of dysphagia as well as their critical awareness and problem solving skills to further the development of their professional clinical skills in dysphagia.
  3. demonstrate application of models of disability and specific counseling approaches to the management of dysphagia in the clinical context. 
  4. apply their existing scientific literacy skills to clinical practice in dysphagia.
  5. critically reflect on the literature on dysphagia and interpret the contribution of existing insights and new developments to evidence-based practice,
  6. demonstrate coherent and detailed knowledge of service delivery policies while reflecting on social, legal and ethical responsibilities and their application to practice.
  7. communicate confidently with their peers and the wider scholarly community and with society in general about their area of expertise, 
  8. sustain intellectual interest and critical thinking as mature professionals through application of scientific literacy skills in the pursuit of lifelong learning.

Course Structure

Students registering for the Postgraduate Diploma will need to attend an introductory course in dysphagia if they have not completed a course in this area already. In addition to the specialist module in dysphagia, students also attend 4 core modules , incorporating research methods, evidence based practice, reflective practice in dysphagia assessment and management. Students must undertake to arrange and participate in supervised practical work in dysphagia. Exemptions will be made for students who have already completed a recognised introductory course in dysphagia.

General information

Dates: Dates for M. Sc. / Diploma course 2015 - 2016 (word)

Fees: Post Graduate Fees 2014-2015 (PDF)

Registration information:


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