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Continuing Professional Development

Department of Clinical Speech & Language Studies

Issues in childhood bilingualism and biliteracy: linking theory to practice

Dr Francesca La Morgia, Assistant Professor in Clinical Speech and Language Studies, Department of Clinical Speech and Language Studies, Trinity College Dublin

Date: 17/06/2016

Time: 17:30 - 19:30

Cost: €30.00

Venue: Room 103/104, first floor, 7-9 South Leinster St, Dublin 2

This interactive session aims to inform early years' practitioners and primary school teachers of the latest research findings that will allow them to understand, in more dept, bilingualism and child second language acquisition. The focus will be on preschool and school age children.

The session will cover the following topics:

  • How children use their languages in different environments
  • Maintenance and loss of the home language
  • Multilingualism in the classroom
  • Biliteracy
  • Questions frequently asked by parents

The interactive session will offer opportunities for question/answers and open discussion.

If there are specific issues that you would like to discuss, please e-mail Francesca at before the session

**Please e-mail Sarah, to check availability before booking your place**





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