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Irish English Volume 2: The Republic of Ireland

Irish English

Author: Kallen, Jeffrey L.

Series:Dialects of English [DOE] 9 - DE GRUYTER MOUTON

This volume continues the Dialects of English series, and complements Irish English volume 1: Northern Ireland, by Karen Corrigan. Focusing on Irish English in the Republic of Ireland, the book starts by exploring the often oppositional roles of national language development and globalisation in shaping Irish English from the earliest known times to the present. Three chapters on the lexicon and discourse, syntax, and phonology focus on traditional dialect but also refer to colloquial and vernacular Irish English, the use of dialect in literature, and the modern “standard” language, especially as found in the International Corpus of English (ICE-Ireland). A separate chapter examines the internal history of Irish English, from Irish Middle English to contemporary change in progress. The book includes an extended bibliographical essay and a set of sample literary texts and texts from ICE-Ireland. Continuing themes include the impact on Irish English of contact with the Irish language, the position of Irish English in world Englishes, and features which help to distinguish between Irish English in the Republic and in Northern Ireland.

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