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Clinical Speech & Language Studies

Head of Discipline: Dr. Irene Walsh

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The Department of Clinical Speech and Language Studies is the longest established centre for the professional education of speech and language therapists in Ireland. The department offers both undergraduate and postgraduate courses for speech and language therapists, as well as opportunities for research and continuing professional development.

In research and teaching, the department seeks to contribute to ensuring equality of access to communication opportunities and social participation for children and adults with speech, language and communication impairments and to building knowledge in the management of all aspects of swallowing and feeding difficulties. The department has strong links with a wide network of clinical services and is committed to collaborative partnership with health service providers. More about CSLS



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Practice Education

The undergraduate Clinical Education programme has been developed by the department, in association with the profession, to facilitate the integration of theory into practice and the development of professional skills and clinical competencies that will enable students to join the speech and language therapy profession. These pages have been created to provide practice educators and students with information on the clinical learning pathways that underlie the four year clinical education programme.

Clinic Centre

The clinic aims to offer a range of assessment and intervention services to clients while also providing clinical learning opportunities for students and facilitating research in both student education and clinical work.

More about CSLS

The four-year undergraduate degree programme promotes enquiry-based learning, through an innovative combination of case-based and problem-based learning, combined with traditional lectures and independent student research. The programme also offers students the opportunity to select one optional module from a range of Broad Curriculum course options. The suite of postgraduate courses offer speech and language therapists opportunities to develop specialist skills and knowledge in a range of areas, including swallowing disorders, developmental and acquired language disorders, disorders of fluency and of voice. At undergraduate and postgraduate levels, the department is committed to the promotion of evidence-based practice, and the development of practice-based evidence through high quality clinical research, both on-site and in partnership with existing clinical services. Postgraduate students can avail of a wide range of research opportunities, drawing on the inter-disciplinary context of the department within the School of Linguistic Speech and Communication Sciences as well as the extensive network of international collaborations developed within the department.

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For information on CPD courses see Continuing Professional Courses



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