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Programme Learning Outcomes

Having completed this programme students should be able to:

  • Identify, critically evaluate and synthesise the substantive theories, frameworks and models, both qualitative and quantitative, that are used in fields of enquiry related to philosophy and the social sciences;
  • Analyse and solve a variety of problems in the private and public sector from a multi-disciplinary knowledge basis of theories and frameworks in philosophy and the social sciences;
  • Communicate effectively in oral and written modes in professional and academic settings;
  • Use appropriate ICT tools in analysing, solving, and communicating a variety of problems in the social sciences;
  • Apply knowledge and understanding of the ethical dimensions of management and research in both the public and private sectors of society and to apply this knowledge effectively in management and research contexts;
  • Work effectively as an individual and in teams in multi-disciplinary settings;
  • Demonstrate flexibility, adaptability and independence in order to engage productively with a changing social, cultural and technological environment;
  • Engage the pursuit of knowledge in greater depth and over time in support of life-long learning, either as a practitioner or an academic, in the fields of philosophy and the social sciences.