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Important Dates 2021/22

06 September 2021 Freshers Week
13 September 2021 Teaching commences for the Michaelmas Term
25 October 2021 Study Week
October 2021 (TBC) Submission of online application to sit Foundation Scholarship
Week of 01 Nov 2021 Michaelmas Term Tests
December 2021 (TBC) Submission of Withdrawal application to sit Foundation Scholarship
December 2021 (TBC) Academic Registry to publish Scholarship timetable
Week of 06 Dec 2021 Revision Week
Week of 13 December 2021 Assessment Week
20 December 2021 Christmas Break
Week of 10 January 2022 Foundation Scholarship Examinations (it may be necessary to hold some exams in the preceding week)
24 January 2022 Teaching commences for the Hilary Term
07 March 2022 Study Week
Week of 14 March 2022 Hilary Term Tests
Week of 18 April 2022 Revision Week
Week of 25 April 2022 Trinity Monday - Publication of Foundation Scholarship results
Week of 02 May 2022 Assessment Week (extra contingency days may be required from Trinity Week)
TBC Publication of Sophister and Fresh Annual Examination Results
TBC Court of First Appeal (Check with Senior Tutor) 
TBC Court of Academic Appeal
TBC Supplemental Examination period
TBC Publication of Supplemental Examination results

For further information please consult the College Calendar.

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