Alumni engagement plays a pivotal role in fostering strong ties between the School of Engineering and industry. The alumni, equipped with valuable academic knowledge and real-world experience gained during their tenure, serve as indispensable bridges connecting current students with the rapidly evolving demands of the industry. Through networking events, mentorship programs, and collaborative projects, alumni offer insights into industry trends, career pathways, and technological advancements. This engagement not only enriches the educational experience by providing practical perspectives but also opens doors to internships, job opportunities, and research partnerships. Furthermore, alumni involvement reinforces the school's reputation, attracting prospective students and bolstering its standing within the industry. Alumni engagement stands as a cornerstone in cultivating enduring relationships that drive innovation, excellence, and mutual growth between academia and industry.

In addition, Trinity Development & Alumni offers many opportunities for our Alumni to stay connected with our beautiful campus.  Trinity's Alumni Mentorship Programme is an opportunity for you to engage with our undergraduate students and offer your expertise. Your advice and guidance is invaluable to our students and the programme has been a phenomenal success since it was introduced. The School of Engineering shines a spotlight on our alumni achievements by way of our School News Letters, which you can view and sign up to below. We have hosted many guest lectures from our alumni that have inspired our future Engineers. These events are excellent networking opportunities and provide insight knowledge delivered by eminent figures from the different engineering sectors. The talks are delivered in a variety of different formats including debates and panel discussions. In addition the School regularly organises reunions to reconnect with your fellow alumni.