Transcript Requests

You will need to submit a request form for your academic transcript to be produced. You can do this by completing the form in the 'Transcript Request Form' section below.

The School Office provides two transcript options:

  1. Official Transcript. This is your academic history printed on official Trinity headed paper. It then signed and stamped by a school notary.
  2. Stamped Electronic Academic History. This is a summary of your academic history printed on plain paper. It then signed and stamped by a school notary.

The Academic Registry provides a further option:

  1. A letter stating your degree, awarded mark and year of graduation. It is provided free-of-charge, but does not include the module breakdown.

The Academic Registry can also provide a copy of degree parchments and degree translations. If you require their service, please visit their web page at

Please note that transcripts cannot be issued to a third party, such as a parent, government body or prospective employer, without the written consent of the person named on the transcript.

The typical waiting time for all transcripts is 2 weeks.

The School Office does not issue transcripts during the exam periods of January and May.

For 2016 graduates onwards, there is no charge for issuing an official transcript as they can be automatically generated.

For pre-2016 graduates, the cost for the furnishing of an official transcript is €30. This is payable by cash, credit or debit card. For cash transactions, please visit the Contact Us, at the School Office.

The electronic history service is free of charge.

  • You can collect transcripts from the School Office.
  • Electronic transcripts can be emailed.
  • We can post transcripts out to you.

Transcript Request Form

Please complete the form with as much detail as possible. It is essential to include the year or expected year in which the degree was or will be awarded.

Transcript Request Form