Internship Programme

The School of Engineering has a long history in collaborating with industry leaders to deliver an internationally recognised Internship Programme. We have been at the forefront in connecting our students in year four of their studies with the most esteemed companies by way of an optional six month industrial placement. The phenomenal success of our programme has meant that our industry partners have partnered with our top performing students to create long standing and trusted networks to successfully bridge the gap between industry and academia.

Information for Prospective Host Companies

What are the benefits of becoming a Host Company?

Our Internship Programme offers your organisation:

  • An effective way of recruiting our top performing students. Recruitment and Training costs will be reduced if you employ interns after their internship is completed
  • An excellent opportunity to allow for the transfer of knowledge between industry and academia
  • An opportunity to encourage and invest in our future talent and create long standing relationships

When do students go out on Internship?

Students carry out their industrial placement in Semester Two (January - August) of their fourth year as part of their five year degree programme. The Internship Programme is optional for students.

What is the length of the Internship Programme?

The Internship Programme lasts 6-9 months.

Can students carry out their Industrial Placement overseas?

Yes, we have been at the forefront in partnering with global companies every year to facilitate industrial placements for our students.

What is the criteria for students to go out on Industrial Placement?

Students who select the internship route need to meet the minimum grade of 2.1 in their first sitting of their annual examinations in year 3 of their studies.

How do I advertise my placement opportunity to students?

To become an internship partner and to advertise your placement opportunity please email