Engineering Modules for Year 2

Senior Freshman Engineering students are required to take the following modules:

Students take a Trinity Elective in the second semester:

Ancient Greek sculpted head of Homer

Trinity Electives

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Course Information

In your studies you should aim to work a minimum of 50 hours per week. With a timetabled schedule of about 25 hours per week, this means you should be planning independent study of at least 25 hours per week. This includes reading course material prior to lectures – you should not expect to be given all the module material in the lectures and tutorials. The module descriptors above detail the module content, credit value, module coordinator and mode of assessment.

The Foundation Scholarship Examinations take place in January 2023.

Towards the end of the second year of the course, students are asked to choose which Engineering stream that they wish to specialise in during their third, fourth and optional fifth years. It should be noted that changes or amendments to student choices may not be accepted after the deadline date, normally the last day of teaching term, but that plenty of time, guidance and information is given to students to help them make this choice. Whilst every effort is made to allow students to study the engineering stream they choose, the School of Engineering Curriculum Committee reserves the right to allocate the places available - in some streams, the number of places for students in any year may be limited and certain restrictions may need to be applied.