Industry Sponsored Prizes and Scholarships

The School of Engineering recognises the importance of collaborating with our industry partners to create opportunities for our students to reach their full potential. Thanks to the generosity of our industry partners we have a diverse range of sponsorship opportunities through the creation of prizes and scholarship programmes. This is an excellent way for industry sponsors to work closely with the School and to develop opportunities that benefit students at both undergraduate and postgraduate level.

Industry Sponsored Scholarship Programmes

Industry sponsored Scholarship Programmes have supported our students on their journey through higher education. These programmes have allowed our top performing engineering students to concentrate on their studies without financial constraints and they have provided the opportunity for companies to identify the next generation of talented engineers.

Industry Sponsored Prizes

Industry sponsored prizes recognises the tremendous success of our engineering students. Through collaboration with our industry partners we have created a range of prizes that honor exceptional professional and academic achievements.

Women in Engineering Scholarship Programmes

The School of Engineering works closely with our industry partners to raise the profile and create opportunities for women in engineering. We provide a diverse range of networking opportunities and regularly share details of industry Scholarship Programs such as the Intel Women in Technology Scholarship Programme &  Three Ireland Connect to STEM Scholarships. The School of Engineering remains dedicated to supporting women pre and post graduation.