Research Collaborations

Research Collaborations between academia and industry are invaluable for the School of Engineering. These collaborations foster an environment of innovation where theoretical knowledge is applied to practical challenges resulting in solutions with tangible societal impacts. Furthermore, such collaborations often lead to the development of intellectual property, patents and commercialization opportunities, generating revenue streams while contributing to economic growth. In partnership with Trinity Innovation and Enterprise the School of Engineering is at the forefront in connecting our research staff with industry.

Doctorate Programme

The School of Engineering has paved the way to create a Doctorate Programme to allow companies to collaborate with world-leading researchers and innovators in the field. This collaborations can lead to the development of new technologies and insights that can be beneficial for the company's competitiveness and growth.

This partnership allows companies to gain access to the knowledge and expertise acquired by the employee/researcher during their PhD studies. This knowledge can be directly applied to address specific industrial issues or problems that are relevant to the company. It allows the company to tap into cutting-edge research and innovative solutions that may not have been available otherwise.

The Doctorate program enables your company to invest in the professional development of its employees. By supporting their participation in a high-quality research project, the company can upskill its workforce and retain valuable talent. This can lead to increased employee satisfaction and loyalty, as well as a more skilled and knowledgeable workforce.


Research Collaborations Support

  • Science Foundation Ireland has a number of programmes that can fund academia-industry collaboration. The SFI Industry RD&I Fellowship Programme 2024 call is currently open.  
  • Enterprise Ireland’s Innovation Partnership Programme and Innovation Vouchers offer exchequer funding support to carry out R,D&I projects or explore business opportunities in collaboration with Engineering researchers.
  • The Irish Research Council has funding schemes which enable industry to co-sponsor both PhD studentships and post-doctoral fellows.
  • The European Union has a number of funding programmes which enable industry to undertake collaborative research with Engineering researchers.

Spin-Out Companies from The School of Engineering

Trinity College Dublin School of Engineering has an impressive track record in fostering innovation and entrepreneurship, leading to the creation of numerous successful spin-out companies. Trinity's commitment to innovation is evident as it accounts for a substantial one-fifth of all spin-out companies originating from Irish higher education institutions. We welcome engagement from entrepreneurs, investors, and the venture capital community, contact us to find out more. See below to explore notable successful spin-out organisations from Trinity College Dublin School of Engineering.