GradLink aims to develop current students’ knowledge of the labour market and career paths, through nurturing career learning relationships with alumni mentors working in a range of career areas. The following Schools are participating in the 2016-2017 programme:

Faculty of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences

Faculty of Engineering, Mathematics and Science

Faculty of Health Sciences

What's involved:

Each of the Schools above is running a separate GradLink mentoring programme. You can sign up to participate as a mentor for the School from which you graduated.

Volunteering as a mentor involves meeting with a small group of students (up to 3 per mentor) on approximately three occasions during the academic year. The focus of these meetings is generally professional development and other career-related topics. The time commitment of the programme to mentors is approximately 10 hours, inclusive of the Launch Event.

As part of the launch event, we ask each graduate to speak for one to two minutes on their career to date. The overview could include a short synopsis of your profile, topics that you can best help students with in a mentoring capacity and any mentoring benefits you have experienced in your life. Following this, we will host a reception for the mentors, students and academic staff from the School.

Alumni/Student Testimonials

“I would recommend the Gradlink programme to any student who are not sure what they want to do when they finish college, or are not sure what employment opportunities are available to them once they graduate. It helped me an awful lot, and I now look forward to graduating and working in my desired field in the future.”
- Student Mentee

“I thoroughly enjoyed the last two years on the Gradlink mentoring programme both in terms of reconnecting with Trinity and former classmates but also with assisting undergraduates as they face into their post education careers. I found the process to be very interesting and also beneficial in terms of networking and in terms my own career analysis and development. I feel the programme is a very good addition to the TCD undergraduate offering and the feedback I had from my 5 students over the last two years would suggest that they also found the process to be very worthwhile. Finally, I also found the Gradlink staff to be very encouraging and helpful through the course of the programme - keep up the good work.”
- Alumni Mentor

“Excellent programme, I have found it very rewarding and beneficial. My mentor was dedicated and encouraging and I am now gaining great experience from an enjoyable and interesting internship as a result of the programme. Thank you!”.  
- Student Mentee

“Thank you so much for such an engaging and enjoyable evening. It was lovely to meet so many other alumni - particularly across decades. As an Art History graduate, my career path suddenly makes more sense and made me feel part of a very diverse and interesting group of people”.
- Alumni Mentor

“I found this experience invaluable. The talks with the different mentors, the help received by my own mentor and the work experience I was involved with have made this extremely enjoyable and useful. This programme should be continued and expanded to other courses”.
- Student Mentee

GradLink is a tripartite programme organised by Trinity Global Officers, the Trinity Development & Alumni Office, and the Careers Advisory Service, in collaboration with ten partner Schools.

For further information, please refer to the FAQs section.