Trinity looks to the future as it celebrates 50 years of computer science research

Posted on: 26 November 2019

World-leading computer science researchers are congregating in Trinity today to celebrate the half-century anniversary of the discipline at Ireland’s leading university, and to consider what the future may hold in a world in which computer science and technological innovation may hold the key to solving some of society’s most pressing problems.

As part of the special event, researchers, industry representatives, alumni and current Computer Science students will mix at an Open House event in the O’Reilly Building where a special exhibition of vintage computer science equipment will be on show from the Professor John Byrne collection.

Professor Byrne, known affectionately as the “Father of Computing” in Ireland, was the founder of the Department in Trinity and instrumental in creating one of the world’s leading computer science schools and inspiring generations of tech entrepreneurs, innovators and leaders.

Professor Jeremy Jones, Head of Computer Science and Statistics at Trinity, said:

Over the last 50 years Trinity’s Department of Computer Science and the students and researchers within it have established a legacy that will continue to grow for generations to come. We are continuing to contribute to the development of the field of computer science and will train students in the technologies that support environmental sustainability.

Trinity showed great ambition and foresight in setting up of one of the first schools of computer science in the world 50 years ago and is now helping to create the Grand Canal Dock Innovation District, which will position Ireland on the world stage and enable the connection of indigenous and multinational companies with researchers and VCs. GCID will drive investment in new industries, support new ventures and help build a new sustainable future. 

It is impossible to know what the world will look like in 2069, but computer science research will undoubtedly shape it – the next 50 years promise to be very exciting.

Computer software and hardware now comprise one of the largest sectors of the economy in Ireland and researchers in Trinity are leading the way in providing solutions to help us live more sustainably, with special focus in the areas of: artificial intelligence; digital content technology; graphics and animation; augmented and virtual reality; future networks and the Internet of things; future cities; data protection; and software innovation.

Click on the links below to read two case studies focusing on current work led by computer science researchers in the healthcare tech (addressing mental health) and computer animation (designing for virtual reality) sub-fields.

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