Three ways to move more when working from home

Stand up more; use lunchbreaks for exercises and add “exercise snacks”; bthree ways to move more while working from home from Julie Broderick, Assistant Professor, Physiotherapy, Trinity College Dublin

Trump’s legacy in Africa and what to expect from Biden

Professor Padraig Carmody and Ricardo Reboredo from Trinity, along with Francis Owusu from Iowa State University, consider the US election’s implications for Africa in this piece first published by The Conversation.

The Future of Back to Work Requires a Hybrid Systems Thinking

Tanusree Jain, Assistant Professor in Ethical Business and Louis Brennan, Fellow and Associate Dean at the Trinity Business School, argue that the COVID-19 crisis and the reality of the new normal makes planning for the future extremely complex and challenging, requiring agile adaptations on the part of employees and employers.

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