Trinity College Rowing Regatta 2009

Posted on: 24 April 2009

The Dublin University Ladies Boat Club won the senior women’s eight boat race at the 111th Trinity College Regatta which was held on April 18th last. This year’s regatta was the largest in five years with 115 races on the schedule. 

Trinity College Dublin and the Dublin University Boat Club host the annual Trinity Regatta, which is one of the main highlights in the College’s sport calendar. Competitors include intervarsity rowing teams and other Irish Amateur Rowing Union (IARU) clubs from around Ireland  

Other Trinity winners on the day include men’s intermediate eight and intermediate four boats. Trinity rower, Ali Floyd won in the men’s senior single sculls race. The Trinity men’s novice boats also won their sections in the eight and four boat categories.  As well as winning the women’s senior eight boat race, the Trinity ladies won the women’s intermediate four race and were also successful at the annual colours race against UCD, which was held earlier that week.

Hundreds of spectators were present at the event, taking advantage of the great weather, refreshments and live music during the Regatta where the Lord Mayor of Dublin , Eibhlin Byrne, presented medals to winners at the prize giving ceremony.



Full list of results   



Senior: UCD beat Trinity 1length.

Intermediate: Trinity beat UCD 2lengths.

Novice: Trinity beat UCD  1¼ lengths.

Junior 16: Commercial beat RBAI disqualified

Masters: Commercial beat Athlone 2lengths.

Four coxed

Senior: UCD beat Commercial 4lengths.

Intermediate UCD A beat UCD B 1length.

Novice: Trinity beat Garda 1 ¼ lengths.

Junior 18: Athlone beat Neptune 2¾lengths.

Masters : Commercial beat OCBC A canvas


Junior 16, coxed: Neptune beat RBAI easily.


Senior: Neptune B beat Neptune A 4Lengths

Junior 18: Neptune A beat Neptune B, 4lengths.

Junior 16: Neptune beat RBAI easily.


Senior: Trinity (A Floyd) beat  Neptune (Harwood) 3lengths.

Intermediate: Neptune (Walsh) beat Commercial (Peguet) 4lengths.

Novice: King’s Hospital (Hughes) beat Trinity (Jaycock) easily.

Junior 18 King’s Hospital (Hughes) beat Neptune (Hayden) 4lengths.

Junior 16: Neptune ( Butler ) beat Neptune (O’Hara) easily.



 Senior: Trinity beat Commercial 2 ½ lengths

 Intermediate: UCD beat Trinity easily

Novice: Cork beat Neptune 3 1/2lengths

 Junior 16: Commercial beat Athlone easily.

Four coxed

Intermediate: Trinity A beat Cork easily.

Novice: Neptune beat Trinity 3lengths.

Quadruple coxed :

Novice: Neptune A beat Neptune B 1lengths.

Single Scull:

Intermediate: UCD (Lambe) beat Cork (O’Neill) easily.