Third Year of Provost’s Innovation Challenge @ Tangent, Trinity’s Ideas Workspace

Posted on: 22 October 2020

Trinity is once calling students to action; encouraging them to be independent thinkers who will make a real world impact through ‘Provost’s Innovation Challenge @ Tangent’.

The challenge will see students offer solutions to global and societal problems linked to the UN Sustainable Development Goals by working in multidisciplinary teams.

Using the One Step Closer platform, the college community can vote on the societal problem that they would like to offer solutions for here

The problems set for this year’s Challenge are:

• Food Waste

• Fast Fashion

• Sustainable Cities

• Hygiene Poverty

Once the winning topic is announced, students can put forward ideas for solutions to part of that problem, breaking down the larger global or societal challenge into manageable bite sizes.

The challenge will culminate with an online hackathon organised by Tangent focusing on working on these solutions with mentorship and supports for participants throughout. This will take place online over the weekend of 20 – 22 November. Winning solutions will be awarded a cash prize at the close of the event. Students can sign up to take part in the Challeng here or from .

This is the third year of the Provost’s Innovation Challenge @ Tangent. Previous challenge topics have been Homelessness, and Single-Use Plastics.


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