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We know how important global and societal issues are to our students. At Tangent, Trinity’s Ideas Workspace, we are committed to empowering Trinity students to make a real impact on society and the world. The Provost’s Innovation Challenge @ Tangent is a social innovation programme that provides supports, creative outlets, mentorship, and the chance to have a real impact on a global problem.


Provost Innovation Challenge 2019



Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Provost’s Innovation Challenge @ Tangent entail?

You’ll think creatively and critically about a global problem. You’ll brainstorm ideas, along with other passionate individuals, that could positively impact on the problem. The Provost’s Innovation Challenge @ Tangent 2019 was a hackathon around Homelessness as chosen by the College community; in 2020 it was all about Hacking Plastics.

Who is eligible to get involved?

The whole College community can vote on the problem – staff, students, alumni, everyone -, but we are asking teams of Trinity students (UG and PG) to work on the solutions.

How do I sign up?

We will be advertising the AY20/21 Provost’s Challenge in September 2020, but you can register your interest in taking part here

I don’t have any ideas for solutions – is that a problem?

You have more ideas than you’d think, but don’t worry – you don’t need to know what your solution will be right now. We’ll work with you on that as the Challenge progresses.

I am part of a team already – can we work together?

The best way to ensure you can work together throughout the Provost’s Innovation Challenge is to attend the events, but you should also be open to working with other people during the Challenge – often the most successful teams have a mixture of disciplines and ways of thinking represented.

What’s the problem we’ll be working to solve?

In 2020 the College community voted for Over-reliance on Plastics.

Am I expected to solve the whole problem?

The example we always use is this: Say the problem everyone votes for is Healthcare Inefficiencies. Solutions posed could range from a better appointment booking system for hospital appointments, to an app that allows doctors to check on their patients without requiring a visit or an appointment. So the problem is big, but the solution(s) can be small (but mighty).

What's the prize?

On the final day of the hackathon, the winning team(s) will be picked by a panel of judges. (Pitch practice sessions and advice will be offered!) The prize is €10K in funding to help them to develop their idea/solution further over the summer. They will also be given co-working space on campus for the summer, and access to the LaunchBox programme. The funding is subject to Terms & Conditions: Decisions by judges to choose winning solution(s) are final. Winning team(s) must be available and committed to developing their solution further using this funding in order to draw down the funds. The funding will be structured and shared based on KPIs over the summer and will not be issued all at once. Eligibility for funding is subject to continued approval from Tangent, Trinity’s Ideas Workspace, and decisions around this are final. For any further questions, contact

I’m a Trinity alum and/or member of staff and I want to get involved.

Great! You can help mentor and guide a team by getting in touch withAlison.Treacy@tcd.ieAlison to volunteer.

What dates do I need to be free for to take part?

The next Provost’s Challenge will be taking place from Friday 6 November - Sunday 8 November 2020.

I still have questions?

Get in touch with us by emailing Alison at