The Horse Chestnut Tree at the Entrance to the Arts Building on Nassau Street

Posted on: 05 August 2009

It is with regret that Trinity College Dublin has been obliged to fell the Horse Chestnut tree at the entrance to the Arts Building on Nassau Street.  The tree has undergone extensive examinations conducted by two different experts and a serious fungal disease was identified which now necessitates the removal of the tree for safety reasons. The College regrets this decision however it has been obliged to take this course of action due to the potential danger it may pose to the public.            

As a result the Nassau Street Entrance will be closed until 6.00pm on Sunday August 9th. The Gardai will manage any necessary traffic diversions on Nassau Street during the works. Access to the west end of College during this time will be maintained via the College’s Front Gate. Normal Sunday access arrangements will resume at 6.00pm when Front Gate will close and the Nassau Street Entrance will re-open.

The Horse Chestnut, which was planted in the late 1870s in the area known as the Fellows’ Garden, was retained in the Arts Building development when it was completed in 1978. The tree has served as a meeting place and a landmark for that time. The College’s Grounds & Gardens Committee is currently seeking a suitable replacement tree species for the site.

“There are currently six hundred trees on Trinity College’s Campus which contribute to an atmosphere that enhances study as well as the biodiversity of the city. We value and care for them all,” said TCD’s Facilities Officer, Noel McCann. 

Horse chesnut tree at nassau street entrance to tcd