TCD/UCD Innovation Academy Holds First Master Class

Posted on: 17 December 2009

The first Master Class of the TCD/UCD Innovation Academy took place on December 17th with  John O’Sullivan of ACT Venture Capital who  gave a talk on  ‘Environment scanning: How Markets Work’.

Trinity and UCD PhD students who were in attendance were welcomed by Professor Carol O’Sullivan, Dean of Graduate Studies, Trinity College Dublin, who said: “The aim of the TCD-UCD Innovation Academy is to enhance the PhD experience by facilitating student access to high-quality education and training in innovation and entrepreneurship.  This is just the first of many events, and we are delighted that John O’Sullivan of ACT Venture Capital joined us to present this first Master Class.”

UCD’s deputy Registrar for Graduate Studies, Professor Julie Berndsen said: “We are planning a series of events over the coming months, with full roll-out of the Academy Programme in September 2010.  PhD students will be able to take modules and participate in interdisciplinary projects, mentored by industry and entrepreneurial mentors, which will accumulate towards a joint TCD-UCD Graduate Diploma in Innovation and Entrepreneurship.”

John O’Sullivan, General Partner of ACT Venture Capital.

Trinity College’s recently renovated Foster Place is home to this new and exciting joint venture, which aims to transform graduate education to facilitate more creative, innovative and entrepreneurial postgraduates.

The new TCD/UCD Innovation Academy will focus particularly on 4th level PhD training, positioning innovation centre-stage in their courses, facilitating student mobility between campuses, and ensuring that the breadth and depth of expertise and resources at UCD and TCD are available to Ireland’s future entrepreneurs.

A pod cast will be available soon of the highlights of the event.